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You are Addicted to Stress: Why and How to Change It

| February 19, 2014 | 4 Comments


You’ve quit your corporate job because it was giving you weekly ulcers and you were tired of being told what to do.

Now, you run your own business. You are an entrepreneur, you are a leader and it’s your turn to tell others what to do.

It feels good. You are free. You are proud.

You are very busy. There are tons of email to answer everyday, phone calls to make, meetings to attend, people to direct, watch and help. So many people. Sometimes it seems like everyone around you needs you. They all want something from you. The phone rings, you spit your coffee, you don’t know if you’re going to make the numbers you wished this month, too many Facebook notifications, tweets, Instagram pictures. Your vision narrows, your head starts spinning, you feel this familiar tightness in your chest and suddenly you know…

You are stressing out.

You hate stress. When you chose the entrepreneurial path you didn’t sign up for this. You started your own business because you wanted to work less and do more fun stuff and now you are as stressed and miserable as a corporate executive who spends 12 hours a day working towards someone else’s dream.

What happened to you?

Nothing, actually.

If something had happened, you would probably not be reading this article because you would be too zen to remember what stress feels like.

But you decided to be what you always were instead: stressed.

You can change jobs, apartments, partners, cars, or countries, but if you don’t take a step back and face the truth, you will always reproduce the same behavior, over and over again, no matter what.

And the truth is: you are addicted to stress.

On some level, you can’t go forward without stress. It makes you feel alive, it makes you feel on purpose and like Earth might stop turning if you don’t make that call. You’re working your butt off to change the world, so of course you should be stressed, it would be weird not to be!

It would be weird not to be…

Take a moment and consider this: from now on, commit yourself to let whatever happens flow and trust that it will be okay. You are at peace, you are clear, calm and confident. You are relaxed. Critical meeting at 3pm? No big deal, you’ve got this. Now you are content and zen.

It feels great, doesn’t it?

Although the image of the relaxed entrepreneur is a lot less glamorous than the busy entrepreneur one, right? How can you be relaxed and successful? How can you let things flow and still close the deal?

It’s actually really easy, you do exactly what you always do except that instead you take a deep breath and commit to feeling relaxed.

The only reason why you’re stressing out is because you, along with society have done a really good job conditioning yourself for stress. During the twenty past years, you’ve made sure to meet every situation of discomfort and uncertainty with stress. You probably associate stress with productivity and the feeling of making a difference. And now you’re brain is wired to answer the triggers (phone calls, awkward conversations, meetings, delays, big projects…) with a stress response.

What’s cool is that if you’ve wired yourself to be stressed out, you can choose to rewire yourself to be focused and relaxed.

And how do you do that?

Well, the exact same way you wake-up at the same hour every morning: you train yourself and create a new habit.

Visualize success with a feeling of peace and contentment or link productivity and results with being calm and aware. Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation…There are many ways to do that, find what works for you.

In the beginning it will be challenging, you might try, fail, do it again, fail and do it all over again, but eventually, you’ll be able to deal with life with clarity and confidence and you might live longer.

Now, go ahead and be relaxed, the world needs you.

Garance Clos is an Integrative Life Coach and Yoga Teacher. For more helpful tips check out Garance’s newsletter.

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  • Barbara Hoover

    Stress really makes us less productive and it’s one of the
    reasons why some of us choose to quit. However, if we may be able to handle and
    overcome it, it would be a great fulfillment that despite of great pressure
    causing stress within us, we may still be able to live positively and be the
    best that we can be. Thanks for sharing this one Garance!