Today is an exciting day for Under30CEO. We are launching the first annual Under30CEO Awards highlighting 300 young entrepreneurs under 30 years old in 10 select cities. These awards are meant to discover up-and-coming young entrepreneurs across the United States who are poised to be the next great business leaders.

The winners of the awards will receive hundreds of thousands of views as the results of each city are published this fall. We will be naming the top 30 young entrepreneurs from each of the ten cities.

Check out all of the details and enter now


Submissions are open: July 15th – September 15th, 2012

Who can enter?

You must be under 30 years old as of July 1st, 2012 and be running a company in one of the ten cities listed on the entry page. We are looking for submissions from ALL industries as long as you meet the requirements.


The winners will be published starting October 1st for each city in the competition. Each city will have their top 30 young entrepreneurs named and these results will be seen by hundreds of thousands of  Under30CEO readers.  This is a great chance to not only put yourself on the map in your area but also on a national level.

Even if you don’t qualify for this years awards please share this with your friends so the brightest young leaders can get the recognition they deserve.

Check out all of the details and enter now

Thank you to the Under30CEO Awards sponsors:

 HighTable helps you gather and share expertise that is relevant to you. Check out the Under30CEO page on Hightable where you can find hundreds of questions and answers from Under30CEO readers. If you have a question about your small business then this is the place to ask!

 eMinutes is forming 500 free corporations for young entrepreneurs. This is a great opportunity to connect to a real lawyer to find out what type of business you should form and how to do it correctly. Even if you don’t qualify eMinutes has another great offer on their normal incorporation services. Don’t miss out!

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