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R.C. Thornton teaches would-be entrepreneurs how to go from excuses to launch at his blog, Decoding Startups. He is the President of RCJ Creative Group, a Manchester, CT-based web-design and marketing firm.

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5 Awesome Resources for College Entrepreneurs

| March 7, 2013 | 3 Comments

Who said college was a time for sitting in class?  Go start a company instead! It’s odd that so many people think college students can’t start kickass companies: they can and they have! What even cooler is this: Universities are now starting to actively promote and encourage entrepreneurship in its students! If you’re a college […]

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Banish The Excuses: 5 Ways to Kick Start Entrepreneurship

| January 29, 2013 | 3 Comments

Stop complaining that you hate your job.  Stop being jealous about your friend from high school who runs a multi-million dollar company while you wither away in a cubicle. And no more “I don’t have time to be an entrepreneur” or “it’s too risky”. Success in life is about action: about working hard and working […]

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