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I am dyslexic! I have ADD and the fact that I come from an Egyptian Singaporean family, which grew up in Saudi Arabia. I had major fears of not fitting in.

I was minority, minority, and minority.

So why am I telling you this?

You may not know this, but all fears root from childhood, and we have a choice to overcome a situation or to let it define you.

I let my disabilities define me. I was a really shy kid and used it as a security blanket from getting hurt.

I never really play big and reached my potential because I was afraid of it. Not so much of failure but actually getting what I wanted. I was so afraid to do, to be and to live the life I wanted.

I looked at friends, family, and society and realized that the conventional path defined my life. I allowed fear, worry, and doubt to dominate. I let it steal my joy, my sleep, and my dreams.

On 4th of July 2007 my world rocked upside down when my father was diagnosed with stage four cancer which was spreading, the doctors predicted nine months to live.

What fascinated me with the experience and really defined a moment in my life. This was when I asked my daddy, “What do you want to do before you go?” And he said, “I have done it all, I have everything I ever wanted.” How badass was that?

At that time, I didn’t really get it, I thought life was supposed to be this rat race and then one day his words made sense, life is about finding your purpose, and that purpose is simply to be you! Now in order to get what I wanted I needed to know what I wanted.

As someone who is comfort zone was being shy, you can imagine how uncomfortable it was to take a leap of faith and push myself to not only identify but also go after my dreams. I started a bucket list which is pretty morbid in its own sense because it is basically a list of things to do before you die.

This was liberating because step by step, I was building confidence and making quantum leaps. I was going on adventures, jet set the world, climb mountains like Kilimanjaro, jump out of planes, launched my own social enterprise and raised $50,000 and run fearless training programs where I help people embrace fear, play big and change the world.

The secret sauce, was I always had that in me, but I was ready to start.

Are you? Remember you can choose awesome or average? If you want to be fearless and do all the things you were meant to do, but haven’t started? Read on!

The following tips will allow you to embrace fear, play big and change the world!

1. Make Fear Your BFF

Invite fear into your life. When you fear something, move toward it.  Feel it, and breathe through it, dream it! Do the things that frighten you. Action builds courage.

2. Reframe to Positivity

Fear attract more fear. When you reframe your thoughts you can attract success. Train your mind to change “but if” to “what if”.

3. Don’t make a date with fear

You are responsible for your time and energy, be consistent and focus on solutions and don’t make a date with fear.

4. Make abundance your zone of genius

Be abundant! Think, speak, and live abundantly. Focus your attention on opportunity not loses.

5. You’re AWESOME!

We are our own worst enemy.  Why not remind yourself a break and remind yourself of how awesome you are + the impact you have done?

6. Get Inspired

Want an awesome life, want to be Oprah, Steve Jobs, whoever. Why not read about their story and learn about their struggles, fears and what they have gone through to finally get to where they got to. It wasn’t not always a bed of roses.

7. You power posy is King

Without supportive friends and family you will fail. They remind us of our failures, triumphs, they are generous with praise, love and support. They make tough times easier and easier times more fun!

8. Plan to be great

Ready to Embrace Fear, Play Big + Change the World! Then start to dream big! Then follow up the dreams with action steps and make sure you are fearless because your dreams are at stake.

You are destined to be amazing! You are destined to change the world in your own special way. You just need to start and take one step. If you are want to a challenge, you can check out my 14 Day Fear Challenge and learn how to afraid to take risks in their business and careers.

Yasmine Khater is the Founder of the Fearless Revolution and Transpiral.org, she is an award winning career + business coach and motivational speaker. Transpiral is digital space that provides thousands of women inspiring, practical strategies to take charge, embrace fear, play bigger, change the world and build dynamic careers and businesses they love.

She has been featured on Under30Ceo, Channel News Asia, Cleo and Chic Ceo, and worked with P&G, PWC, Burger King, and spoken at numerous events such TEDxWomen, Global WIN and Choas Asia. @yasminekhater, facebook.com/yasminekhater

Image Credit: quotes-lover.com

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How to Live a Remarkable Life http://under30ceo.com/live-remarkable-life/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=live-remarkable-life http://under30ceo.com/live-remarkable-life/#comments Tue, 03 Dec 2013 14:00:47 +0000 Yasmine Khater http://under30ceo.com/?p=36857 Last week I wrote a post the 8 Ways to be Remarkable, in response to which an awesome reader Tyson asked this question: “What advice do you have for the people who would love to do all these things, but have to work a 9-5 to make some money for themselves?” So today we will […]

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Grandfather Mountain Sunrise

Last week I wrote a post the 8 Ways to be Remarkable, in response to which an awesome reader Tyson asked this question:

“What advice do you have for the people who would love to do all these things, but have to work a 9-5 to make some money for themselves?”

So today we will talk about what it’s like to live a remarkable life for free!

The key to live a remarkable life is to understand that to master those traits is not a quick fix, it’s a lifelong journey. That means that you will succeed at times and you’re going to fail at other times.

Steve Bowen, summarized it as that you are going to feel amazing while you are on your journey to master the art of living on purpose!

1. You will feel pain

2. You will cry before you get it

3. You will lose your friends

4. Your family will discourage you

5. People will hate you for no reason

6. You will almost talk yourself out of it a hundred times

7. You will doubt yourself a thousand times

8. You will think you are going crazy

9. You will develop weird habits

10. You will lose money

11. It will all be worth it

Work + life are not separate and you are the key to master the art of living on purpose!

Living a Remarkable Life is All About Attitude

1. How to Be Yourself

I have done over 2 dozen interviews for my book Wonder Women Guides, and what I have learned so far is that the women who are in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s are a lot more comfortable with being authentic.

Those of us in Gen Y struggle with this, because we are still trying to figure ourselves out.  It seems that our self-acceptance tends to sharpen with age [Here are 6 Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself.]

We have the ability to shut down the self-talk, differentiating the prescribed story society has defined and defining the story that we want to tell.

I know everyone talks about mastering your purpose and passion. I even prepared a whole course about it. But the bottom line that I emphasize with my clients through my course is that you need to master yourself…that is your purpose. 

Your main purpose is to become the most authentic version of you.

If you think about all your role models, there are no two that are the same. If you are looking at a path, that has already been taken, it’s not your path.

Let’s look at Susan Boyle who was a contestant on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009. She was 48 years old with the thickest Scottish accent. She only sang in church choirs and karaoke bars. During her birth she had lack of oxygen that left her with a severe learning disability, and she was bullied in school.

That was all part of her experience that shaped her and left her with all the flaws and quirks that made her unique. Today she’s a huge success.

You can be yourself everyday for free just by being vulnerable and taking off your mask!

2.    How to Dream Big?

Dreaming Big doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be president, a billionaire, and award winning celebrity, or even solve some sort of world issue. It’s an attitude about believing in you and your potential to the do the work that you were meant to do.

I love Jim Collins who coined the term BHAGs -big hairy audacious goals. Life is not about settling, its dreaming big and accepting that you might fail. Its not about the outcome… its about the journey and the cool adventures it takes you on.

I love the story of Sophie and Grace, 5-year old girls obsessed with Nicki Minaj. All they dreamed of was just seeing their role model. Well, not only did they meet her, they are now having a journey with Ellentv.

You can be dream big everyday for free by how you look at your approach to life, love, work, relationships and all the rest of the sexy things in between…

3.    How to LOVE Your Job?

No one who does well in life hates his or her job. I look at my old company and the ones who complained and bitched – letting the negativity take over – have become more bitter.  They have not really grown in their careers or created awesome lives for themselves.

That’s a choice you need to make.

You need to decide whether your job really excites you and whether it’s taking you where you need to go. For example, third grader, Katie Stagliano tackled her school project with a lot of love and was able to grow it into a 40-pound cabbage. How insane is that?

Now you might be thinking what is that got to do with loving your job?

It was Katie’s attitude… She loved that cabbage and dedicated all her time to it. She eventually donated it to a local soup kitchen. And because of her gratitude (#7 on this list) she was inspired to do more for the hungry people and charity staff.

She then founded Katie’s Krops, asking local organizations for help with fundraising. She got her school involved in growing and harvesting vegetables to donate to the hungry. She didn’t do it to be extraordinary; she did it because she loved it and would probably do it anyway with no money.

Same thing applies to Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and every person considered to be living an extraordinary life…

If you don’t know what you love, just start something and explore what might happen. It’s always easier to connect the dots looking backwards than looking forward.

You can be make change everyday for free by loving what you do!

4.    How to Work?

If you love your job, you are a lot more committed to getting shit done. Want to know the key of success? It’s a lot easier than you think…

No job is perfect -not even your dream job , but there needs to be something you are damn excited about.

I love working with people, so I studied psychology and now work as a transformation coach for women in career change. I love it. I have spent years, months, weeks and days reading, researching, writing and interviewing people and loved every minute of it.

I am committed to understanding fear and helping others to find their internal peace, because that’s my way of changing the world.

If you love what you do, you get in the state of “flow” and you actually start to work instead of coming up with the award-winning reasons why you shouldn’t do it. You will make an impact and that will lead to an extraordinary life.

You can work everyday for free just by committing to being in flow.

5.  How to Travel?

You don’t necessarily even need to travel abroad. A couple of years ago, I questioned why was I obsessed about travel. I have been to over 45 countries and during college every plan I had was a travel plan.

I loved it because it gave the space to question everything…

So I decided to take that attitude and bring it in my day-to-day life… and I coined the term “traveling mindset” and it’s about the attitude of looking at things differently; taking various routes to work; constantly experimenting with new foods, and getting to know new groups of people.

You can travel everyday for free just by tuning into your traveling mindset!

6. How to Care + Be Grateful?

Now you don’t have to want to save the world, but you’ve got to give your heart for something you care about. It might be cars, cards, friends or a social cause.

I love the story of Craig Kielburger who, at 12, read a story about Iqbal Masih a Pakistani boy who was a slave in a carpet factory. Masih protested and spoke up about the exploitation of children, and was murdered as a result of it.

Craig decided he would do something about it; he founded a charity called Free the Children with the mission to rescue children worldwide from slavery, desperate poverty and back-breaking labor.

He didn’t set out to be remarkable, but because he cared, he has been able to grow his cause to a $30 million/year charity that operates in 45 countries and was able to recruit another two million volunteers who care all of whom were under 18.

You can care everyday for free by just having a bit of empathy for someone else. You can be grateful for how much you have, every day.

7.  How to be Curious

We live in a time where innovation is the top of mind for everything. Product developers innovate from seat belts, to yogurt to solving energy issues.

Now the main driver is not something new, but comes from Socratic thought. Where we focus on Why? Why do we do what we do? Why wouldn’t this option work? Why don’t we reduce the steps? Why don’t we make it easier … faster… better?

Take for example, Jack Andraka who lost a close family friend who passed away because of Pancreatic Cancer. He went online to Dr. Google because he wanted to understand why it happened. That triggered a lot of frustration because that’s when he realized 85% of all pancreatic cancers are diagnosed late, when someone has less than two percent chance of survival.

Through being curious he found a protein that helps you detect early in the disease where a patient has 100% percent survival. At 15 he figured out a solution for early detection. He promotes using the Internet to help change the world that stems by curiosity to solving problems.

You can be curious everyday for free just asking the question “Why?”

8. How to Trust & be happy?

This is all about the attitude, are you looking at the glass half empty, or half full? Are you trusting yourself as you jump into the path that is unknown? Are you looking forward to the journey ahead of you?

I love Randy Pausch, a professor of Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction and Design at Carnegie Mellon University, who,  when he learned in August 2007 that his pancreatic cancer was terminal and he could expect only 3 to 6 more months of good health. He gave an inspirational and upbeat lecture titled, “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.

He trusted life, even though he was dying. He took the opportunity to be grateful and be happy and pass on something for his children.

You can be grateful + happy everyday by just counting your blessings, even if it is just that you have life left in you.

So that is my guide to live an extraordinary remarkable life!

If you don’t know yet what you want to do, an awesome exercise that’s really helped me and my clients is asking yourself:

“When I am 90, the life that I lived was…”

  • Are you jet setting around the world?
  • Where do you live?
  • Where have you lived?
  • How much money do you have?
  • Did you eat out at expensive places?
  • Have you made an impact on this earth?
  • How big an impact?
  • Is sport a big part of your regime?

And think about all the other things that are included in your lifestyle and then once you are clear about that, you are able to decide what to do now to fulfill that life vision.

You can do this for free by taking out a pen and paper and write it down in minute details.

Then Master the Art of Starting!

You are the only one who can make your world + life extraordinary.

You don’t have to want to change the world, but you can be awesome by breaking some of these rules. Want More Than This, Design Your Dream Life, Break the Rules! If you are ready, check out our new course on Lifestyle Design: Master The Art of Living on Purpose.

Image Credit: rickholliday.wordpress.com 

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8 Ways to Tuning Your Self Talk Radio Off http://under30ceo.com/8-ways-tuning-self-talk-radio/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=8-ways-tuning-self-talk-radio http://under30ceo.com/8-ways-tuning-self-talk-radio/#comments Fri, 29 Nov 2013 14:00:04 +0000 Yasmine Khater http://under30ceo.com/?p=36685   Growing up my dad had one of those old-fashioned transistor radios, not one of these modern self-tuning radios. As a kid I loved playing with the knobs. When the radio was off, turning the tuner had no effect, but when my dad switched the radio back on – oh boy! He was not a […]

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 Self Talk

Growing up my dad had one of those old-fashioned transistor radios, not one of these modern self-tuning radios. As a kid I loved playing with the knobs.

When the radio was off, turning the tuner had no effect, but when my dad switched the radio back on – oh boy! He was not a happy daddy!

I’d get into a lot of trouble when the radio was tuned out. You see, when the tuner is not tuned to the exact frequency to receive the appropriate radio station:  All you hear is a bunch of noise.

Now your probably thinking what does this got to do with business?

It has a lot actually; when we are tuned into the wrong channel, something I call the “drama zone” there is a whole lot of noise that would be negative.

That’s why in order to do well in business, we need to fine-tune Radio Self Talk, aka their our inner voice.

The science has proven that positive self-talk that encourages you will get you more than being negative and devaluing thoughts. In a recent interview with Selene Chin where she shared how she used all this background negative noise to grow her business.

Now the reason why this happens is because most of our outward struggles are caused (and also worsened) by our self-talk. The problem with internal dialogue is that:

Nobody but you can hear your inner voice! And we are our worst enemies!

It is very hard for you to argue with your inner voice!

Let’s face it; a lot of the times we as human thing we’re always right, right? Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to argue with our own thoughts and opinions about ourselves!

Most people’s inner voices are very loud!

We tend to agree with our negative inner voice, even in the face of evidence to the opposite.

Self-talk is influenced by our own self-esteem, our perceived ideas of what other people think about us, situations that make us question ourselves, or even triggered by events. It can affect specific areas of our lives, or it can influence our lives as a whole – depending on how we react.

Does Self-Talk Really Have an Influence?

You’d be surprised just how much, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Positive or productive self-talk can inspire you to reach tremendous heights in your business or in your personal life. Even self-confidence is myth, and you don’t need to have it all figured out to get to where you want to get.

Most psychological studies on self-talk have been performed on athletes is fascinating because athletes train in the Art of self-talk—“they prepare their scripts and use them consistently in training under varying conditions to better prepare themselves for competition.”- (According to American Psychological Association)

How Can I Boost My Self-Talk?

I recently did an interview with Selene, one of the inspiring ladies I got to meet as part of my Wonder Women book project. These were some of the tips she gave me on how women could improve their self-talk and become happier and more confident. For Selene, “success is being happy and she has endured many personal struggles to reach business and personal success.” Here she shares the actions she used to help improve her own self-talk:

1. Beat the personal struggles

Hanging onto personal struggles can keep you from moving forward in business and in life. Let it go!

Self-Talk Example:  “I’m introverted, so I can’t do this or that.”  You can find excuses, or you can find success – not both.

2. Quiet the voices within

If it isn’t helpful, or true – let it go. Positive self-talk pushes you into action. Careful introspection will help you determine whether your self-talk is harmful or helpful.

Self-Talk Example: “I’m perfect.” Thinking you’re perfect can stop you from becoming better, whereas “I’m a success in the making” can push you beyond your own self-imposed limits.

3. Use your tools

If you have strengths or talents, use them to inspire and they will result in improved self-talk. Nothing beats hearing that you’re good at something.

Self-Talk Example:  “Let me help you” is one of the best things you can say to someone else to make their day. Saying it often enough will

4. Surround yourself with empowering people

Being around people you aspire to emulate will boost your self-talk.

Self-Talk Example:  “I am surrounded by fabulous people!” feels so much better than “I must be a loser, because all my friends are losers.”

5. Give yourself permission

People will always find ways to minimize you, or judge your choices. You don’t have to change your choices or your lifestyle for others.

Self-Talk Example: Self-talk that sounds like “I have the power to make decisions that suit myself and my family” will put you in the driver’s seat of your life.

6. Find balance

Work-life balance is a thread that has run through all my interviews with inspiring Wonder Women. As women it can be hard to find, but if success for you is happiness too, you need to make the time to achieve it.

Self-Talk Example: “I deserve some me-time, because I’m an amazing woman” is a great way to remind yourself that looking after #1 enables you to give back so much more to your family and your business.

7. Be yourself

Stop trying to prove yourself to yourself and to others. You are you, the best person you can be.

Self-Talk Example: “I’m uniquely amazing” – that is the best type of self-talk.

8. Follow your heart

Doing what you love will make you happy and when you’re happy, those around you are happy too.

Self-Talk Example: “I am making a difference” will boost your belief in yourself and help you excel in what you are doing.

Bonus Self-Talk Tip:  Be Present

Live in the now. Don’t waste your time on past failures or future stresses. Instead, focus on what’s good in your life right now. Let gratitude reflect the blessings in your life right now, knowing that what you send out, will come back to you. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

What is your favorite positive self-talk comment? I’d love to hear.

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Response: 8 Ways to Be Remarkable http://under30ceo.com/response-8-ways-remarkable/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=response-8-ways-remarkable http://under30ceo.com/response-8-ways-remarkable/#comments Fri, 15 Nov 2013 14:00:23 +0000 Yasmine Khater http://under30ceo.com/?p=36639   Being Great, Being Unforgettable, What is it really all about?  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about 10 Simple Ways to be Unremarkable: But then, who really wants to be unremarkable? It got me really excited about how to be remarkable! I am a firm believer that we should all be willing to […]

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Being Great, Being Unforgettable, What is it really all about?  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about 10 Simple Ways to be Unremarkable: But then, who really wants to be unremarkable? It got me really excited about how to be remarkable!

I am a firm believer that we should all be willing to make mistakes, maybe even get a little comfortable…

  • To be willing to be completely vulnerable.
  • To be willing to dream a little.
  • To be willing to love + be passionate about the work you do.
  • To be willing to make an impact.
  • To be willing to travel, see new places + meet people.
  • To be willing to give a shit about something, maybe a friend, family, neighbor or even a stranger.
  • To be willing to look at things different + even wonder how things work.
  • To be willing to follow your happiness.

What’s the worst that can happen? Like seriously, what’s the worst that can really happen?

You become a little more memorable, a little bit more interesting, and maybe even a little bit more… REMARKABLE!

I spent a little time, thinking about remarkable people I know and the tips below are ingrained in those women. They live it, eat it and dream it. And the good news is that you can learn it all. I believe that by following the successful people, we can become like them. We can all be remarkable!

8 Tips on How to be Remarkable

1. Be Yourself

You are a Wonder Woman! There is nothing and no one better than you. I know you probably think that’s easy to say. I struggled a lot with this, especially in the beginning when I started my business. I tried to be “corporatey”. But the funny part is that I left the corporate word, because it didn’t allow me to be me.

Why was I trying to settle for that again? But thanks to great teachers like @daniellelaporte, @marieforleo, and @garyvanderduck who are so goddam authentic, I soon realized that I should be true to myself too. It seems stupid, but it gave me the permission to realize that I am who I am and you are who you are!

Are you willing to be completely vulnerable?

2. Dream Big

When I was in university, I joined the coolest organization in the world, AIESEC. Within 5 months, I was on a sit-in conference in Ghana with 300 young people from 35 countries who were there to discuss HIV/AIDs advocacy in Africa.

I always thought I was going do something for my community, but as I sat there during a session of God-knows-what, I looked around me and realized that everyone in that room wanted to change the world, and the only difference they had to what I had, is the belief that they could.

I decided then and there, I was going to dream big and be freakin’ remarkable, because that’s the difference between the ones that are and the ones that aren’t – just that belief that they can be remarkable too.

Are you willing to dream a little?

3. LOVE Your Job

Don’t bitch. If you are bitching about your job,  you shouldn’t be there.

You need to love what you do. Really love what you do. One of my friends, Sara loves what she does. It’s incredible when you see her speak about cleansing and juicing. She literarily lights up. She loves what she does, helping women get healthier.

Are you willing to ask yourself what makes you smile + gets you excited in the morning?

4. Work… like for real – DO something!

One of my favorite quotes is from Indira Gandhi, she said “My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.

Did you know that 27% of time online is spent on social media? So that means, that estimates to 17 hours per week. That means one who day of your week might be wasted. What about the projects you want to do? Your community who needs help? Or how you can grow your business and your freedom? Or that book you could have wrote?

Are you willing to stop thinking so much and start doing?

5. Travel

When I was 17, I boarded a flight to spend 4 months in a country I knew nothing about. I went to Estonia. It was the first time I had left home for more than 2 weeks and I was excited that I was about to embark and live with 15 people from 12 nationalities. Normal conversations would range from “Does God Exist?”,  to “What do you have for breakfast in your country?”

It was really uncomfortable because for 4 months, I would wake up to seeing these people every single second of every single day. I would have to speak in front of large groups, taste different foods and even perform belly dancing  in front of hundreds of people… and I’m not even a good dancer!

Travel made me question everything. It made me question my beliefs, my values, my perceptions, my understanding of myself, my culture…

It completely shifted me and it was my first crash-course in personal development. And the strangest part is that when I came home,  everyone else was exactly the way I had left them.

Are you willing to go an adventure? Travel to cities you have never been to before, perhaps it’s even neighborhoods you have never been before…

6. Care + be grateful

When I was 11 my mother dragged me, literately,  to go and volunteer with the children cancer sufferers. As I walked around with kids, my age maybe younger, I wondered why these kids my age were suffering so much.

I realized that life was not fair.

The fact that I was born in a comfortable home, with great parents and access to a fantastic education opened up so many doors for me.

That’s when I realized I was given two eyes to see, two hands to make something and two ears to listen. But I only have one heart and I guess that’s because it’s because it must be so important that we only need one, and we need to grateful for what we have, care for someone and maybe just maybe, make the world a bit of a better place – or at least try. We don’t even need to be that big really; it could be just for your friends and family making them feel somebody gives a shit. As it is, major depression is the No.1 psychological disorder in the west.

Are you willing to give a shit? Pick a person, give them a call today and tell them that you care!

7. Be Curious

Da Vinci was the greatest example of what being curious could do for you. He did everything and anything if curiosity took him there. Why are not letting ourselves be curious? Seth Godin is a genius and he spoke at a TEDx on Stop Stealing Dreams, it is focused on kids and education. But there is a lot to learn. Curiosity is a gift; it’s a gift that animals don’t have. Why don’t we use it?

Recently, during a workshop, some participants shared with me that they came to my workshop because they were curious about my background because it was interesting to them. But it’s not really so much planned for, but it was just my curiosity of what I would learn if I tried all those things.

What about you? What are you curious about? What do you want to try?

8. Trust & be happy

Life can be complicated, life can be strange, but trust yourself, trust your intuition, and let it take you where you need to go. Let it be part of your decisions. Don’t worry about being part of the status quo, there is no one forcing you to do it except for you.  There is a great Dutch saying that goes “No one is normal, stop trying to be.”

Are you willing to make happiness start now?

If you are inspired, share it! And please share with us: How are you going to be Remarkable?

You don’t have to want to change the world, but you can be awesome by breaking some of these rules. Want More Than This, Design Your Dream Life, Break the Rules! If you are ready, check out our new course on Lifestyle Design: The Art of Living on Purpose.

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A Response to 9 Reasons to Quit: 9 Reasons Not to Quit http://under30ceo.com/response-9-reasons-quit-9-reasons-quit/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=response-9-reasons-quit-9-reasons-quit http://under30ceo.com/response-9-reasons-quit-9-reasons-quit/#comments Thu, 26 Sep 2013 13:00:07 +0000 Yasmine Khater http://under30ceo.com/?p=35380 A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article 9 Reasons to Quit, I was touched by dozens of people who reached out to me saying how the article resonated with them. But I didn’t want people to get the wrong impression and start quitting everything they started. Because quitters never win and winners never […]

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Dont Quit

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article 9 Reasons to Quit, I was touched by dozens of people who reached out to me saying how the article resonated with them. But I didn’t want people to get the wrong impression and start quitting everything they started. Because quitters never win and winners never quit – and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a winner than a quitter.

My favorite life motto’s is by Helen Keller who said, “The woman who began the race is much different than the one who ended it”. Helen was deaf and blind but she went on to achieve a teaching degree, be an activist, author and lecturer. She inspired me because she didn’t quit and she didn’t let society define what she could and could not do.

I was thinking about the dozens of things that I wanted to quit in my life, pretty much everything on my epic bucket list, but I didn’t and that was awesome! Even when I was getting read to give my TEDx talk I was terrified. Some of the countries I’ve visited, even right now while I run my own business, I am terrified…

But…those were also defining moments in my life. Allow me to take you through 9 top reasons why you should Not Quit!

1. Patience and Resilience

In one of my previous jobs, I had a tough boss who was insecure that someone would replace her. She made it her mission to make the life of anyone, who had to work with her, miserable. On my second week at work she tried to fire me, because she was afraid of me and at that point I wanted to quit.

She got furious when the company decided to divide her role and give half of the responsibilities to me, a 20 something. This job was one of the most difficult experiences that I have ever had, but it taught me to assess and strategize and find solutions to any situation, and the opportunity to manage a department. I learnt how to navigate through the various layers of the organization and to advance my career without her.

I learnt that personal branding within an organization is a crucial component of a successful career. I had other managers including the CEO and other regional directors who supported me and admired my patience, that helped me advance my career more than I could imagine.

Maybe its worth learning patience and resilience… So I don’t think you should quit!

2. Face Your Fears: Kill that Inner Voice

Challenges make you stronger. Sometimes it’s easier to quit than to keep going, at least in the short term.  I think about my inner voice that sometimes tells me that I am not good enough or I am not strong enough! If we make that our focus, do we ever really achieve greatness?

You are not someone that is weak and gives up. Go out there and prove yourself to the world and to yourself. You CAN and WILL achieve what you set out to do. The only time you fail is when you give up. Also I always think of it like this: ‘if someone else has done it so can I’.

Maybe it’s worth killing that inner voice… So I don’t think you should quit!

3.  An Epic Adventure is Waiting!

Last week I watched an Australian documentary called Mongalian Bling. The director had been travelling around the region as a tour guide when he discovered the hip-hop scene and shortly after, realized it was a story he needed to share. At the time, the director, Benj, didn’t even know how to film, but knew that he committed to sharing the story. He moved back to Australia and while working during the day, he enrolled at night to learn how to film.

Long story short, 6 years later, after tons of hardship, lots of learning, he finished the documentary and its been screened in over 15 cities around the world. What’s better, he discovered his passion and wants to make movies for a living.  If you want to screen it in your city, reach out to him!

Maybe it’s worth the challenge for the adventure… So I don’t think you should quit!

4. News Flash!! You have a gift and the world needs to see it!

Have you ever asked yourself why you are here on earth? God, super forces or whatever you believe in have created you for a special purpose, and you need to discover what that purpose is. If you were born for a special purpose, then you should let it show.

If you don’t think you are special… Walk yourself over to the mirror/ flip open your smart phone and record yourself saying this “I have a gift and the world needs to see it”. There is no other person like you on earth (Can you imagine two of you!). That is why you are so special!

You have unique talents, unique skills and expertise; therefore you can make a unique contribution to your company, department or family and friends. Now don’t worry, if world domination is not on your list, you do still have something to give – maybe for your community or our town.

Maybe it’s worth sharing your gift… So I don’t think you should quit!

5. You are Stronger Than You Think

I know that sounds cliché, but really you are! When I was a kid, I used to volunteer in the children’s cancer hospital. I saw these parents whose kids were dying and when I asked how they were doing, they responded “alhamdulillah” which is an Arabic word for Thank God.

I thought to myself if my child was diagnosed with cancer, I would be pretty pissed off.  But when my father was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer, someone asked how I was.  I don’t know where the strength came from but I said that word “alhamdulillah”.

I think about my first 5 km run, my first 10km, my first 15km, my first half marathon, losing my Dad, living in 7 countries, my first triathlon, duathlon, epic adventure cycling 450 km in East Timor and the list goes on.  I didn’t think I could do any of these things, but somehow I found the strength.

Maybe you are stronger than you think… So I don’t think you should quit!

6. You have the potential to make things happen

I love the Olympics! It’s a great time of inspiration! You see athletes push themselves further than they thought possible. In the 2008 Olympics in China, 43 world records were set and last year in the UK, 37 more were set.  I am pretty we can bet many more will be broken in Brazil for 2016.

How are athletes getting better in their craft? Are you able to get better if you put in the 10,000 hours? Are you aware of how much potential you have? Are you focusing on unlocking the potential you have instead of focusing on that thought that tells you to give up your dream?

Maybe it’s worth pushing yourself just a little bit more… So I don’t think you should quit!

7. The race is only with yourself

My favorite story is the one of the turtle and the hare racing, where the arrogant hare takes a nap, while the ‘slow and steady turtle wins the race’.

I think about when I first compared myself with my friends who were bankers, lawyers and consultants who were following the conventional path. It really stressed me and I put myself under more pressure. I didn’t want to take the typical route – I am a social scientist, a creative type and a change maker.

The race is less challenging when I spend my time focusing on a race that I have defined for myself. You are unique and special. The problem with comparing yourself with others is that you don’t know what it took your peers to be where they are today. You don’t know the obstacles they had to surmount, the sacrifices they had to make to be where they are today.

Do your things one step at a time, believe in yourself and move according to your own pace.

Maybe you should focus on what you need for myself… So I don’t think you should quit!

8. You are Closer than You Think

Do you remember the movie that Will Smith starred in called “The Pursuit of Happiness”? The movie is actually based on the life story of Chris Gardener, a man who had no money, no job and had his wife leave him. He took an unpaid internship, landed a job and went on to become a multimillionaire with his own investment firm.

Seth Godin, a marketing genius says in his book called “The Dip” where he says that often when you are about to give up you are so close to making a huge break-through. Seth teaches us that at any given time we are always only a heartbeat away from success.

Maybe you are closer than you think… So I don’t think you should quit! 

9. If you quit, you don’t create awesomeness

My friend Laura from Gone Adventurin’ went to Vietnam for 4 months that transformed into 5 years. She struggled at first and had countless times where she felt frustrated but she didn’t quit because she knew that the company was a great playground to learn and to grow.  She knew the experience would help her in whatever else she decided to do next.

The challenge was tough and it was emotionally hard but it allowed her to learn a lot about herself and how to persevere. If she had quit, she would not have had the opportunity to build strong relationships, revamp the whole company’s brand positioning, join board meetings at the age of 23, open brand franchises in Philippines and Japan, or be a part of raising $50 million in capital.

Maybe it’s worth the challenge to be a part of something awesome… So I don’t think you should quit!


You may be in a situation that dictates you to give up, but don’t give in nor give up just because of the situation. You will come out victorious. The former Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill emphatically said, “Never give up, never give up, never give up.”  You don’t have a reason strong enough to give up your special dream or goal.

I hope you have found this post useful. Have you learned anything from not quitting in the past? Why shouldn’t people quit? Please leave your comment below.

Yasmine is marketing & lifestyle expert, adventurer and is the founder of Transpiral.org, a leading institute that equips women to take their careers and businesses to the next level. She is the author of the forthcoming book called Wonder Women’s Guide Asia where she is interviewing 50 most Powerful Women. Connect with her on Twitter @yasminekhater, facebook and Linkedin

Image Credit: betterwerk.tumblr.com

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Be a Quitter! 9 Things That Will Teach You to Quit http://under30ceo.com/be-a-quitter-9-things-that-will-teach-you-to-quit/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=be-a-quitter-9-things-that-will-teach-you-to-quit http://under30ceo.com/be-a-quitter-9-things-that-will-teach-you-to-quit/#comments Tue, 10 Sep 2013 13:00:57 +0000 Yasmine Khater http://under30ceo.com/?p=34837   How many times have you told someone or yourself to ‘never give up’? I know that I’ve done it many, many times. As I cycled 450km through one of the world’s toughest mountain bike trails, I told myself hourly not to quit. But there are times where you just NEED to quit! I remember […]

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Image Credit: thetechpanda.com

Image Credit: thetechpanda.com

How many times have you told someone or yourself to ‘never give up’? I know that I’ve done it many, many times. As I cycled 450km through one of the world’s toughest mountain bike trails, I told myself hourly not to quit. But there are times where you just NEED to quit!

I remember sitting in the office knowing that I shouldn’t be there. I wanted to quit! I knew there was more for me out there: the places I needed to be, the people I needed to meet and the experiences I needed to have.

BUT my aunt’s words stuck with me. She said “You are young. It will look bad on your resume if you quit and you will be labelled as a quitter, a job hopper.”

Does that label really matter? Was I the only one with a head heavy on my pillow? Was I the only one dragging to get myself to work? Would quitting be the end of my career?

But, I wasn’t a quitter, I am the overachiever with tons of things off my bucket list.

I was happy to find out that according to Experience.com recent “Life After College” survey, the statistics show that Gen Y are expected to leave their jobs within two years. A more interesting statistic by Harvard Business Review is that 95% of over achievers under 30 spend less than three years at a job and are always looking out for new opportunities.

So obviously I wasn’t the only one. Here are “9 Reasons to Quit”:

1. The Need to be Mentally Stimulated

During my last corporate job, I was feeling restless. I got involved and launched a ton of different projects including launching my own social project called Gone Cyclin’ where we cycled 450km to raise 50k to enable women in East Timor. I also enrolled myself in a 6 month coaching program and organized adventure trips for my colleagues.

Then one day my colleague said “Yasmine, your problem is that your outside activities are overly stimulating and that makes your work seem boring”.  The words all of a sudden gave me a new perspective. Even though I was spending nearly 12 hours at work, I was bored and got myself involved in so many things outside of the job. Although the pay, the security and the benefits were great, I had already got the most out of my experience. I felt a lot of pain still being there.

I wanted to be mentally stimulated all the time, So I quit!

2. Clock is Ticking: Time is Precious

Steve Job says, “If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” Whether we are stuck in a bad habit, job, career, relationship or even with friendships, remember: Time is precious!

When I lost my dad, I started to think about this question “When I am 90, looking back on my life, is this the life I wanted to live?”

I got tired of putting my passions in the backseat. Even in Psychology there is a theory called “Cognitive dissonance theory” which basically refers to a situation which involves conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. What happens is that this produces a feeling of discomfort in which we need to alter one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance etc. I got tired of waiting for the right moment and feeling uncomfortable.

I think right now is as good as any to start, so I quit!

3. Organizational Ethics not aligned with Personal Values

During my first job with a conference company, I was organizing multi million dollar events for the oil and gas industry. I loved it. It was exhilarating and again the pay was Ah-mazing! Not only was I getting a sizable base, but also a percentage of all the conferences I organized.

But there was something that was not right. The company had the highest attrition rate I have ever seen and that meant that every Friday it was ‘goodbye drinks’. Lunchtime conversation revolved around who was leaving next.  But, the part that troubled me the most was my boss encouraging me to live to make the sale and sign on the speakers and that was totally against my value system.

The money was great. I was making nearly double what my friends were, but at the end, I didn’t agree with my manager, and had different principles. If I scarified my values that would be who I became.

I wasn’t prepared to be a liar, So I quit.

4. Being Mediocre or Being Remarkable?

When we were young, we had these wonderful dreams and ambitions. From being a doctor, to a president, dancer, saving the world from evil aliens, etc. Let’s just call those dreams the stars, but as we get older we start to realize that sometimes going after our dreams is difficult, so we settle for  mediocrity. In School, instead of getting an A we settle for B;  instead of competing on the national level we settle for the city level.

But the thing is, if we keep on settling on being mediocre, we will always be mediocre. Look at Nick Vujicic, a limbless man who teaches people how to get up. He could have settled for being limited to what he had but, he chose to be extraordinary. Or Jessica Cox who became the first pilot with no arms. She choose to be extraordinary.  Randy Pausch embraced death and left a legacy by inspiring millions of people with his dying speech. Being extraordinary mean your need to try, a lot of people don’t even do that.

I wasn’t prepared to be mediocre, so I quit!

5. In Search of a Cause:

I love this remake of this song by Eddi Reader & Thomas Dolby called “What You Do With What You’ve Got”. She says:

“What is the point of two strong legs?

If you only run away?

And what use is the finest voice

If you’ve nothing good to say?

And what good is strength and muscle

If you only push and shove?”

I think we are the generation in search of a cause or a movement. We see it happening with the rise of brands like Toms, Kiva, etc. We all have this thing where we want to do something bigger.

I always thought this whole app/tech space had a lot of people who wanted to find the next billion dollar idea. I recently had a change of perspective when I met Nathan from Inspire9, who shared how his why was because he wanted to make a bigger global impact.

Now looking at my career, my network of changemakers, we didn’t just want a job to take up our time and create no impact – we wanted to be part of a movement.

I didn’t want to NOT make an impact… So I quit!

6. People around you: Where is that R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

In today’s world, we are expected to put lots of hours into work and this means we have to cope with a lot of stress. That’s why not having a supportive work environment where we feel valued and R-E-S-P-E-C-T-ed to help you learn and grow where you need to, can become excruciatingly difficult. This is because if we feel that we are put in a situation where we are being taken advantage of, and we keep on “giving, giving, giving” and we get nothing in return.

Perhaps because our career growth is being halted by a non-supportive boss, unsupportive team, or we are being discriminated because our age, race, gender, weight – we might begin to feel the whole world is against us.

This psychological distress can also affect our health, wellbeing, and start to affect our productivity. We start to lose patience and this does not only affect our work but this kind of soap opera drama also impacts our life. This year, I cut off a couple of friendships with some people who I didn’t feel respected by.

I am tired of letting people disrespect me… So I quit!

7. I am Enough!

When things don’t go as anticipated, we sometimes feel that we’re not good enough. We think that we’re destined to failure. But that’s just wrong! Lighten up on yourself!

I hear this alot in my line of work. People let their past define them. I had a client who had a hard time letting go of something that happen years ago at work. He didn’t realize how much it was affecting him until he let go of it.

A new start is required and in order to do that.

I am tired of letting my past define me… So I quit!

8. Need to Reinvent & Redirect

Sometimes things happen, that are unexpected. I met a Norwegian lady last year, whose husband shot her before he shot himself and she lost an arm. She needed to quit what she was doing and find a new path.

I also remember another story of a father who needed to quit his job when his son became very sick, so he could spend more time at home with him. Or for example Pat Flynn, who lost his job and then went on to start a multi-million dollar blog called Smart Passive Income.

I am not sure either one had thought that is where their life would be, life changes that is a fact and you need to get on board and adapt.

There is no need to keep dwelling about on past… So I quit!

9. Winners Sometimes DO Quit

Not every venture is in our best interest, but pride can keep us from cutting our losses and moving on to something new. I love the example of Andrew Mason from Groupon. He used to run a site called The Point. He had to let go of it, and the results speak for themselves.

I have learned that when something is not feeling good, when it doesn’t flow as it should, it’s probably not meant to be on my life-course. That’s when I am quick to remind myself that winners sometimes have to quit (something that’s not ideal) to pursue something better and make a huge success of it.

I wanted to be in constant state of flow… So I quit!

Quitting Take-Away

Image Credit: heathrlewis.com

Image Credit: heathrlewis.com

Quitting is a game, and you should only quit if what you’re working with is not worth it, and it affects you negatively, taking you off the course you were meant to take. There are some factors that will push you to quit while there will be others that will pull you to stay. There is no right or wrong answer except:

You can quit only if you move on to bigger things!

Have you ever quit anything? How do you feel looking back at it? Did you learn anything valuable? I’d love to hear your thoughts on lessons learned from quitting…

Yasmine is marketing & lifestyle expert, adventurerandis the founder of Transpiral.org, a leading institute that equips women to take their careers and businesses to the next level. She is the author of the forthcoming book called Wonder Women’s Guide Asia where she is interviewing 50 most Powerful Women. Connect with her on Twitter @yasminekhater and Facebook www.facebook.com/yasminekhater.

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