A recent MSN article discusses how gaming is now affordable to small businesses and can help them retain customers.

Everybody loves games but have you thought of using one with your small business? Using games as customer loyalty programs has become big business in recent years. Companies will let you earn points through participation which will let you get recognition, rewards or special discounts. This type of program used to be only for big companies because the programs were expensive to implement. However, costs have gone down and third party programs have grown so even small companies can now run this type of campaign.

Sites like Foursquare, Badgeville and platforms like SCVNGR, BigDoor and Bunchball have all opened the door to small businesses. Gabe Zichermann of the annual Gamification Summit says “What drives loyalty is not giving away free stuff, but status and recognition,”.  “People are very into status once they achieve it, and they don’t want to lose it.”

There are numerous ways to use gaming with your business which can lead to more customer retention and engagement. Visit MSN’s Business on Main to learn how and when to use gaming with your business.

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