Elizabeth Gore from the United Nations Foundation interviews Judy McGrath about activating the millennial network around global issues. This interview is from the Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit taking place today in New York for UN Week.

Many people don’t realize the impact that MTV takes to create social change. They were one of the first networks to talk about HIV and AIDS and recently ran Hope for Haiti. Judy believes that anyone who creates content has a great opportunity to move people. The trick is finding a way to connect with them.  Judy said “You need Jersey Shore to get them in the tent and then you need something like World of Jenks or a Docu Series to speak to the other part of their personality”

There is a deeper level to young adults but you need to make a rich experience that acknowledges that side of things and brings together a message. One example of this is a social game they made called “Darfur is Dying”, that format connected with young adults and led to 100,000’s of contributions on a social cause that was not being talked about by young people.

Judy believes that young people have a heavy influence on politics and corporations. This generation spends over 5hours a day consuming media and you have to find a way in.

It’s an interesting interview that shows how a network like MTV and even shows like Jersey Shore work on a deeper level than you might think at first glance.

Most importantly the young generation is shaping things everyday and has one of the greatest opportunities to impact social change in every-way possible if they choose to act on it.