Under30Media is proud to announce our Under30Experiences: Microfinance Surf Camp Nicaragua
April 17-21, 2013.

Our new educational travel brand is designed to expose entrepreneurs to amazing parts of the world and open their mind to live differently.  

This December, Under30CEO traveled to Costa Rica on our GREEN Business Tour Costa Rica and have run two exclusive Founder Excursions to Iceland in 2012.

Bringing together a unique community of entrepreneurial minded people who want to see the world through a different lens, we will be embarking on our next experience to see the impact that microloans are making on poverty in Latin America.

During the Microfinance Surf Camp Nicaragua Experience:

  • How a country devastated by civil war in the 1980’s is rebuilding through microloans
  • Witness true poverty firsthand in Latin American villages
  • Mentor Nicaraguan micro-entrepreneurs and lend a helping hand to those starting their business in Central America
  • Dedicated time to reflect, relax, and think about our experience on the Pacific Ocean
  • The thrill of surfing, enjoy tropical paradise, and have brilliant discussions with entrepreneurs

Who Should Attend

  • Young people with a passion to learn more about helping business owners through microfinance
  • Entrepreneurial minds who want to find out how their skills can help people around the world
  • Adventurers of all levels interested in making lifelong friends through shared experiences
  • Those who want to learn about developing economies and experience the culture of Nicaragua
  • Anyone who wants to go abroad, seek a new perspective, and return wanting to live differently

To Attend:

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April 17-21, 2013 at Under30Experiences.com .  Applications open and tickets go on sale February 6, 2013.