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Yes we make money here! OK now that’s out on the table lets look at it more (the FTC likes this part)…

Is that our sole purpose? Of course not! We are hear to help young entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed with their ventures. But of course we like to eat once in awhile so because of that you may find some promotions across the site.

  1. Advertising – You will find ads on the site. Hopefully they are helpful and you don’t mind them to much
  2. Affiliates – We only promote affiliates we truly believe in. Their product or service we believe will serve some purpose in helping entrepreneur succeed. When we write about an affiliate it will be marked.
  3. Sponsored posts – You will find one here and there. Not something we do often. If you see one the content will still be focused on helping entrepreneurs.
  4. Freebies – We do get free stuff and occasionally it will be reviewed. You will know when we were sent something to review. More often though we will give-away the freebies!

This is what we do here and there are no secrets to keep. In the end we have fun working with young entrepreneurs and hopefully we can hook them up with some great stuff out there!