Have you been keeping up with the changes at Under30CEO over the past few months? You’ve most likely missed a few things as we have a ton of things happening that are both exciting and exhausting! 2012 has been a turning point for Under30CEO as we have begun to expand our offerings and ways we help educate, inspire, and inform young people.

We are grateful for every single one of our readers support so take a minute to check out everything we are doing if you haven’t done so yet!

Under30CEO.com is our original platform which has grown to over 400,000 monthly readers and is a leader in information for young entrepreneurs and business owners.

Under30Finance.com tackles the all to important topic of personal finance for 20-somethings. Everyone would be richer if they only followed a few simple steps and better understood their money.

Under30Careers.com is for the career minded young professional. Job security, happiness, and growth has never been as important as it is today and our community wants the perfect fit.

Under30Experiences.com is our new educational travel brand and is designed to expose entrepreneurs to amazing parts of the world and open their mind to live differently. Check out our recap of our recent trip to Costa Rica!


We try to get our readers involved as much as possible in the content and information that we deliver each day. We are always looking for great writers and great ideas for articles on any of our websites. If you have a story or just some thoughts on any of our topics we would love to hear from you about writing one or many pieces for us! Email us at Cara(at)under30media.com for more information about contributing.