New York University is holding a startup week right now in New York, Oct. 4th through Oct 9th. Each day is highlighted with an event that you can attend. The event has attracted some of the top entrepreneurs in the NYC area including Dennis Crowley of Foursquare and multiple venture capitalists and other leaders in the industry.

The week is organized by Tech@NYU which is a group that puts together technologist and entrepreneurs at NYU to collaborate. This is just one of the many groups at New York University that is spear heading the push to help more young people start businesses.

Event Line-Up

Monday, Oct. 4th 5-7pm: Entrepreneurship Faculty Panel

Tuesday, Oct 5th 5-7pm: Entrepreneurs Panel

Wednesday, Oct 6th 5-7pm: Venture Capital Panel

Thursday, Oct 7th 12-1:30pm: Lunchtime Chat with Dennis Crowley

Thursday, Oct 7th 6:30-9:30pm: Bootstrapped to Millions in Profit

Saturday, Oct 9th 1pm: Fall 2010 Student Hackathon

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This type of event is something other schools can learn from. By finding a group of motivated students and providing them with a few mentors they can put together a useful and fun event that brings together some amazing people in the industry. Hopefully more schools will begin to implement things like this in their cities and continue to motive and drive students to start companies and succeed in life.