e27 Founder Mohan Belani: Why is Southeast Asia a hub for Startups? from John Exley on Vimeo.

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This is part 3/3 of my conversation with Mohan Belani (twitter.com/mohanbelani), the Founder & Director of Singapore’s e27 (e27.sg/), a media startup servicing Southeast Asia.

Mohan is also the organizer of ‘echelon 2010’ (amiando.com/echelon2010.html), Asia’s leading web technology event, happening in Singapore on June 1-2nd. 40 speakers, 50 startups exhibiting, and 10 startups launching!

In this segment, Mohan details why there is so much buzz growing for Southeast Asia’s startups [minutes 1-4]. We talk about the mobile industry, in particular Indonesia’s, and why this is so exciting. Mohan also maps out the ecosystem of capital available for funding startups in Singapore [minute 5:10] and he describes why echelon 2010 does NOT fall into the pool of ‘demo events’ [minute 8:50] that influential technology blogger Robert Scoble (twitter.com/scobleizer) called out in his piece “Where oh where did the great startup launch go? (Startup events have killed it)” scobleizer.com/2010/03/21/where-oh-where-did-the-great-startup-launch-go-startup-events-have-killed-it/

Want to go be a part of echelon 2010?
–> REGISTER HERE: bit.ly/dmD7xq
The cost is $150.
Trying to save a buck? Email Mohan, he’s promised to give ya a discount code! mohan@e27.sg

Want another great reason to go? You can meet Ming Yong (sg.linkedin.com/in/mingyong), Founder & CEO of Socialwok! Ming is a good friend of mine and someone I admire…remember, he did an interview with me recently: vimeo.com/10405085

NOTE: Many thanks to my good friend Ting Gao (twitter.com/TingGao) for setting up my camera and recording the interview!