entrepreneur contestBusiness Beware just launched a fun contest for entrepreneurs to get involved with. Basically you get a chance to promote your business, have some fun doing it and for a few lucky businesses you will win some cool stuff.

Get in now as the contest runs from September 10th – October 5th

What you have to do:

We want to know why you consider yourself a business superhero…and you have to show-off your best superhero pose!

1. Take a photo of yourself, your office, your employees etc…Whatever it is it has to showcase your best superhero pose!

2. Answer these questions:

-What would your superhero name be?

-Out of all the powers you can have, what ONE would you choose?

-What is your business/organization name and what do you do (brief description)?

-Why do you believe you are a “business superhero?”

Send questions and photo to superhero@businessbeware.biz

What you can win:

The top winner will have a chance to win some great prizes from Notixtech, Under30CEO, IdeaPaint, The Social Tweep, Idea Heroes, WeMakingMoves, CEOToday and of course from us at Business Beware.

The top 5 finalists will get some cool swag and t-shirts.

Check out all the details here for the Business Superhero Contest