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Entrepreneurship or Corporate World for Gen Y?

| August 18, 2010 | 1 Comment

gen y decisionA recent article on The Globe and Mail talks about the decision Gen Y faces when choosing entrepreneurship or a corporate job. No longer does it take experience to predict and build the next big thing. Today it is all about passion and if you have an idea just going after it.


Aditya Shah was offered numerous positions at prestigious companies after graduating from college. However he chose to join a entrepreneurial group and go after his own ideas.

“Figuring out what makes you happy is key because this will lead to success,” said Aditya. “You enjoy work a lot more when you’re passionate about it.”

Corporate Job

Mike Lopyrev chose to work at Google but doing so gave him the chance to be an intrapreneur.

“As an intrapreneur there is always drive to go out there and do something interesting,” says Mike. “Innovation and creation are part of Google’s corporate culture.” Google, he says, provides him with “a safe harbor to try new ideas and throw high-risk things out there to see what sticks.”

Both options are possible and if done correctly both can get you what you are looking for. It is important to figure out what you are looking for and then decide how you are going to go after it. Before jumping in it might be worthwhile to get your feet wet by working on side projects or taking a job with an innovative or startup company.

However at the end of the day there is no better time then now to go after your passion and ideas. Corporate jobs will always be there if you need it but the windows to start your business will only get smaller.

What did you choose?

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  • Roy_Roca

    I think the choices being offered here and the decision made is very similar to Neo in the Matrix. Red pill: learn the truth (Become an entrepreneur and make your own destiny) Blue pill: return to the world as you know it (Accept the corporate world, structure, and life). Although the idea of becoming an “intrapreneur “ seems very rewarding and satisfying for those who want to be able to think freely create and produce results but also offers the stability of a large corporation (salary, 401k, etc.) It's a tough one full autonomy to do as you please but with no guarantee of a stable future or a stable future but with limited freedom.