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Picture: Fiona Hamilton Source: Herald Sun

A recent study in the Australian Work and Life Index shows that Gen Y are not lazy workers. Actually their work environment desires are no different then older generations. The annual Australian Work and Life Index, published on Saturday, shows on average all employed people want to work 2.6 hours fewer a week. “There are no signs in this data of a lazy Gen Y or Gen X cohort, compared with baby boomers,” said Dr Barbara Pocock.

In the past couple years many people have looked at Gen Y as being lazy, privileged and looking for the easy way out. However this is not the case in many places and Gen Y expert Avril Henry confirms what most of Gen Y will tell you…

“They want to work smarter not harder … and work more efficiently using technology,”

In today’s world everyone, not just Gen Y, is looking for a work/life balance. The corporate culture has changed and people want to find ways to feel productive and achieve things in the work place but still maintain an active life outside of the office. Companies will have to adjust to these desires if they want to maintain the top talent. In the future more companies may face the challenge/opportunity to allow for more flexible work hours instead of keeping talent around with more money.

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Do you think Gen Y is lazy? Or is the whole environment simply shifting?

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