go green fundraising

What is the story behind your company?

The recession was just starting to get into full swing in 2008 and I realized that groups like sports leagues, churches, and schools would be feeling the effects of a downward economy and there would be a greater need for fundraising options.  At the same time, the green movement was beginning to gain a mainstream foothold and eco-friendly marketing messages were dominating the airwaves.  By marrying the two concepts together, I created an entirely new niche within the fundraising industry.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

In the fundraising industry, we are one of the largest players to focus exclusively on offering healthier and greener fundraising alternatives.  Candy, cookie dough and wrapping paper have all had their day and customers have long been searching for options which are higher quality offered at a better price.  We aim to provide that to them in a healthy and green package.

Within the green fundraising niche, Go Green Fundraising is the only place where groups can find traditional brochure based fundraisers that utilize earth friendly and healthy products.  Our competitors have focused on online offerings which tend to return less profit back to the groups and has a steeper learning curve than our brochure based programs.

Future plans for the company?

We plan to introduce a revolutionary donation based fundraising program in the very near future which leverages the best practices from a number of fundraising methods.  There are also plans being created right now to work with schools on a national basis in creating healthier food options and promoting more physical activity in school aged children.

What was the start-up budget?

Around $15,000 for initial inventory and brochure printing runs.

Year Founded:




Founders and Ages:

Jordan Gottlieb 26

Where can people find the company?

On the web at http://www.go-green-fundraising.com and on twitter at www.twitter.com/greenfund