At Under30CEO we are firm believers that your time in school is supposed to teach you two things: how to solve problems and how to lead people. Everything else is ancillary.

What do you remember from school? The lectures, the math problems, and the information you memorized cramming for exams, or the people you met, the places you visited and the experiences you gained?

In conjunction with Brightspark Travel we are on a quest to find out how travel as a student affects business leaders today. Brightspark Travel plans unforgettable trips that are designed to create long lasting memories and create “a bigger world for every student.” Knowledge of this bigger world is one that is said can give people a step ahead in business and may allow people to…

  • Discover their true independence
  • Become more aware of cultural surroundings
  • Feel comfortable with the unknown
  • Develop leadership traits

In the business world, it is often said that people who are well traveled have an advantage over colleagues who don’t and that being well traveled enhances chances for success.

To find out just how true this is we have created a survey that takes *less than two minutes* to fill out about your travel and business experiences. Brightspark Travel will be compiling these results in a complete study to be published on Under30CEO.

Please help us out by taking *less than two minutes* to tell us about your travel and business experiences with this quick survey.

-Brightspark Travel and Under30CEO