Don’t be like these guys:

Learn How to Drive

5Australia-Ferrari-360-Crash$200,000 on a Ferarri 360 Modena and you do what to it?

Leave your High School Friends Home

entourage-s03e03aVince fell victim and let Dom stick around, don’t make the same mistake

Keep Pastels to a minimum

pastelsBy all means go to Nantucket, but don’t overdo it with the boat shoes.

Don’t Let a Whore Pose as your Girlfriend

3db6840jiAnd please, don’t wear a shirt about her

Keep the Collar Down

2collar clipsNo explanation needed

Don’t wear your Sunglasses at Night

douchebags3Sure, buy designer shades, but use them for their purpose.  Sunglasses inside, maybe, sunglasses at night? Never.

Nobody Likes a Snob

snobAspire to the finer things in life but a “holier than thou” attitude is only okay if you are making all of your money off rich people.

Keep your Shirt on at the Club

4reed_hcwdbPersonal trainers, supplements, plastic surgery, by all means, be as vain as you like, but please: No shirt, No Shoes, No Service