So you are young, hungry and stuck in a dead end job.  What do you do? Steal a page out of Marissa Evan’s book and quit your job and start a web company with no money and no experience!

Marissa is the founder of a social media tool to help you decide what to wear.  Stuck in the dressing room trying to decide on an outfit? Snap a quick picture of yourself and submit it to the service.  It’ll get pinged out to Facebook and Twitter and with in an instant you’ll have the world’s consensus whether to wear it or change it.

Like any great idea, was born out of necessity.  Marissa simply needed advice on what to wear and wished there was a web service to help her.  The Cornell grad, like so many young entrepreneurs, sold t-shirts in her early days and finally decided it was time to take the plunge into full time entrepreneurship.

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