daniel witmer

We cannot help others unless we ourselves feel good and ready.

It was this realization that led Daniel Witmer, founder of Bass Jump and co-founder of Zen Dude Fitness, to quit his corporate job in search of fulfillment. Daniel found it in skipping rope, hip hop and teaching others how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

In this week’s podcast we dive into Daniel’s choice to leave New York City and his life in the pursuit of a greater purpose. We talk about what inspired this bold move, how he found his passion for fitness, and what questions he asked himself that guided him, that you must start asking yourself today.

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“You can make time for anything in your life”

“The ego is something that needs to be constantly fed”

“You can’t help other people unless you feel good”

“The body is not going to change unless it’s forced to”

“Figure out who you are and what you want”

“What do I want people to know me as?”

“What imprint do you want to leave on this Earth?”

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