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Laurie Davis is Building the “eFlirt Expert” Brand

| October 21, 2009 | 19 Comments

n107544361240_4323Online dating has exploded in recent years. We’ve all heard of people on sites like,, or Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that opportunity is everywhere and its no different with the explosion of the online dating industry. Laurie Davis has jumped on this opportunity and has turned herself into the eFlirt Expert optimizing people’s online dating profiles. Laurie has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and many other publications because of her innovative service. Let’s look at how Laurie has built herself as the eFlirt Expert.


Laurie has leveraged her knowledge from years spent being a production consultant organizing conferences and events across the country. This experience in marketing has fueled her success as the eFlirt Expert where she “creates personal branding campaigns for singles.”

Before she became the eFlirt Expert Laurie used to help her friends with their dating profiles and provide them with dating tips. She realized that she already had success in this business but wasn’t charging anything! This factor combined with the down economy which meant less corporate events led Laurie to “diversify her own business ventures.”

How does an eFlirt Market?

Laurie says social media has been a huge factor in the growth of her business. She is extremely active on Twitter and looks to engage and help as many people as possible. Laurie says that it is key to distinguish your brand on social media. She has done this by offering her “daily dating tips” she gives out on twitter. Look for her daily tips from @eFlirtExpert.

Laurie also uses guerrilla marketing to get the word out about her services. She will post flyer’s in the subways and coffee shops around New York City. One of her more interactive guerrilla marketing campaigns actually involves her sitting in a coffee shop every Wednesday afternoon from 3:30-7pm with a sign in the window saying “free dating advice”. She then offers up 10 minutes of her time to anyone who wants to walk in and ask her something about dating in general. This shows the hustle that Laurie is putting into her business and that success requires getting out there to help and engage people in your industry.

Laurie attends as many singles events as possible passing out business cards of course. She’s even swapped ads on websites within her industry. Laurie really showcases what it takes to get a business off the ground and when your doing something you love its easy because you are in situations you enjoy being in.

The ultimate goal of any business is to create word of mouth marketing. This can be especially important in an industry like dating because people can feel awkward when asking about a dating coach or even admitting they have online dating profiles. This is why Laurie puts herself out there so much because she feels that the engagement with people will put them at ease and show them that dating help and online dating is not a taboo activity.

What Advice do you Have for Others to Follow their Passion?

Laurie’s advice for others is “Shout your great advice. You have to have the confidence that others will love it.” Also she points out how important it is to know yourself.  To do her job she feels like you have to have a certain personality. You have to be very personable and have the ability to make people feel comfortable. Many people might feed awkward or will have experienced a lot of failure and she has to be able to support them and show them that they can succeed. She feels like she is almost a therapist at times and her skills and personality extend way beyond marketing. So for anyone else you have to understand who you are before you will be able to successfully go after something.

What can Laurie do for your Dating life?

If your not online: Profile from Scratch

  • Questionnaire – If your in NYC or Boston Laurie will sit and talk with you otherwise it will be done by phone
  • Laurie will “make your qwirks sound good”
  • Recommend what sites to use
  • Write all the text
  • Chooses your pictures and even what order they should go in

If your already online: E-Makeover

  • Re-write and edit your profile
  • Dating advice
  • Profile tweaks to better target what your looking for

What is the Future of the eFlirt?:

Laurie says she wants to turn it in a national brand. She already has helped people from all over the country but her home base is NYC and Boston. She would like to continue to expand this and better reach people in other areas.

Laurie is proving that you can do anything. You just have to put yourself out there and go for it. Take control of what you want to do and look for opportunities.

Don’t be shy see what Laurie can do for you –

For FREE videos and eReports on How to Build Your Brand and Online Presence go to

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