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Promote Your Product or Service on Under30CEO – For Free

| April 14, 2011 | 14 Comments

crowdOver the past few months we have been rolling out Under30CEO Membership and have received a great response from the community.  Members are already collaborating, learning and most importantly pushing their businesses forward and reaching their goals.

Now we want to offer members more!

We are looking for a handful of partners that want to offer their product or service as a giveaway to our ambitious members. These could be digital services, physical goods, subscriptions or just about anything else. Specifically we’re looking for tools and resources that can help a young entrepreneur develop their businesses. However no idea is to crazy so don’t hesitate to ask if your product can be incorporated some how.

Some examples could be software, consulting, apps and ebooks. If you happen to be in the skydiving, boating, safari or any other industry feel free to send us your idea and we’ll see if we can make something work.

Please fill out this quick form with your offer

What you would be getting:

Membership promotion is on-going but there are also two larger promotions that will be happening in May and then towards the end of the year.

1. Blog promotion. Your product would be promoted on this blog which sees over 100,000 readers stop by each month. These readers are highly targeted young people who are looking to start a business or have already started one.  Consider the alternative of buying 1 of our ad spaces on the site which go for around $800/month.

2. List promotion. We rarely talk about or promote any products to our lists which include email, facebook and twitter. We do this because when we do mention something it’s because we think it’s truly a great product or offer. Combined our lists reach 10s of thousands of people.

3. Dedicated users signing up. People who sign-up for membership are the best of the best. They’re making an investment in their business so everyone who ends up with access to your promotion are ready to take action.

Please fill out this quick form with your offer

Thanks for the help and support. We’re looking forward to everyone’s ideas and submissions.

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  • anna

    Great Idea , But I Don’t Have Any Physical Products. I Have Stores Where You Purchase Online.

  • Chris M

    Really wish my product was ready, I’d happily get involved with this and it’s perfect for the startup entrepreneur. Perhaps in a couple months when it’s ready.

    Hope to see some great give-aways on here!

  • Jared O’Toole

    No worries Chris. As we said there will be more opportunities as the year goes on. When you’re ready never hesitate to contact us.

  • Caleb Anthony Parker

    “…offer their product or service as a giveaway to our ambitious members”

    Is this giveaway for every member, or select member who win the promotion?

  • Jared O’Toole

    depending on the offer the details can be worked out there are no set guidelines. However we are looking for something for every member for a period of time.

  • Virtual office assistant

    Great to know that products can be promoted by you But we are having online services and not physical products which can be used here.But would have been great to be part of this community.

  • Lee JeeShen

    I like the idea and have submitted my porposal ;)

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  • SemonnaMcNeil

    Love the idea. Wish it applied to CEOs over 40 too.

  • Jared O’Toole

    Anyone can promote their product. Our readers are mainly under 30s so if your product doesn’t apply to them then it probably would not be a good fit

  • Jared O’Toole

    Most of the products are online services. We’re looking for physical and digital products.

  • Frankfortss

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  • hanan guevarrah

    Right. CEOs over 40 are great.