How Quitting Your Job or Getting Laid Off Can Help Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Transitions : Under30CEO How Quitting Your Job or Getting Laid Off Can Help Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Transitions : Under30CEO
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How Quitting Your Job or Getting Laid Off Can Help Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Transitions

| March 13, 2014 | 6 Comments


A transition in life is a very fragile stage that put us in a gray area where it can become our greatest setback or our most powerful opportunity. A transition involves change which brings uncertainty because we are not familiar with what’s ahead and emotions often go crazy.

Our brain automatically starts looking for solutions to this seemingly terrible transition and usually we make decisions based out of fear rather than from a place of love.

I was always thankful to have a job that pays the bills and allows me to live a comfortable life, but after 5 years sitting behind a cubicle I knew I needed to make a change in my life because I wasn’t happy with the direction I was taking. At one point, I started to dislike my mornings and the sound of my alarm going off at 6:00a.m. because it meant I had to be at a place where I didn’t feel fulfilled. By 9:00a.m. I wanted to smash my head through the computer monitor. I stopped caring about my work and became miserable realizing I was spending 10+ hours at a dead end job.

unhappy worker

Back in August, I received a notice that would change my perspective on life and work forever.

It was a beautiful Monday morning in fall and I had just come back from lunch break when my supervisor told me that we were going to have a meeting in the main conference room. It seemed a little weird because our practice was to have meetings in the mornings when everyone is fresh, but I let that thought go and just told myself “here goes another meeting”.

As I made my way through the main hallway towards the main conference room, turned the door knob so gently, and opened the door, I was surprised to see about 50 people in the room, even some people from different departments I had never met before. Everybody was speculating, talking out loud, it was very noisy and you could barely make sense of what was going on. After a 10-minute wait, we see this tall man wearing a black suit making his way through the room towards the podium and immediately silence sets in; that awkward silence where you can hear even the tiniest pin when it drops to the floor. We were all anxiously waiting for what he had to say.

“The main purpose of this meeting is to tell you that there have been circumstances outside of our control that have led us to make drastic decisions restructuring our operations. Because of these decisions, your last day with the company will be August 31st……..”

I knew it was coming. I could feel the tension the second I walked in the room.

I was getting laid off for the first time in my professional life.

I was laid off

I remember standing in the back of the room looking around and seeing sad faces, happy faces, people crying, people indifferent, people texting, and even some people leaving the room as the “man in black” continued with his “consolation” speech. I left the room just after he mentioned we were going to get an extra month of salary to help us out in this transition.

I remember as I was walking through the hallway back to my cubicle, I couldn’t help thinking about what was coming next.

How am I going to pay rent?

My car?

Car insurance?

Credit card bills?

Student loan?


Booze and girls?

Chipotle with extra guacamole?

I need to get a new job, start interviewing like crazy, and get the first offer that comes to me.

These and many other thoughts were running through my head all at the same time. I acknowledged them and let my thoughts flow without presenting any resistance. I knew I was just trying to come up with a solution based out of fear and I didn’t want to give in.

Instead, I remained calm and did NOTHING!

I avoided the temptation of trying to find a quick fix and took it as an opportunity to really choose myself for once in my life. For years I held several corporate positions in the mortgage and finance industry making good money but not feeling fulfilled with what I was doing and a part of me knew it was time for a change. I saw this as an opportunity to being intentional about my next step and truly understand what I’m here to do in this world.

I asked myself: what is the worst that can happen if for once in my life I decide to do something that I’m passionate about at least for one month just to try it out?

Stay tuned- tomorrow I’ll share what I learned during that month of following my passions…

About the Author:

Cesar Romero is a bilingual writer, community Manager at Under30CEO and Under30Experiences, adventure traveler, social media strategist, speaker, running enthusiast, cookie monster, startup lover, and lifelong learner. His life motto is “Live Life in Permanent Beta” always working towards your next big accomplishment. As a community manager for Under30Experiences, Cesar is currently working on making traveling more accessible and creating the biggest most engaged community of young travelers who want to see the world, understand it, and get inspired to create projects that change the world for the better. Follow his journey on his blog and twitter @iamcesarromero

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  • Elizabeth

    Looking forward to reading the next instalment!

  • Leah Kalamakis

    I LOVE getting laid off stories. If you are motivated and positive, it can only result in bigger and better things. Can’t wait to read the next installment, I have a feeling I know what’s coming :)

  • MattWilsontv

    Cesar– extra guac at Chipotle? hahaha I hear you on that. Awesome stuff my friend, looking forward to tomorrow!

  • StrawburryMiwk

    “Booze and girls?” What kind of lifestyle are you living?

  • RP

    im terrified. Got laid off in December..went the gamut of emotions starting with anger in the circumstances and in light of others who kept their jobs (on my efforts)…had a job offer at low pay and surprisingly turned it down to try to get myself together take a break and destress…I was doing the apply for everything. Now I’m being a little more selective but if you hear anything and or get an interview that’s usually it.. its been a lull. need to work and pay a mortgage. so far I’m surviving on savings. not sure I’m ready and still don’t know what I want to be at 46 but know I need to do SOMETHING (and having an mba is actually hindering me from things I’m applying to that I know I can do well, ceo support) UGH…help or help me get my head straight !

  • Judi

    I’ve been laid off twice and BOTH times I wound up in better circumstances. The key is to be able to let your self enjoy the transition and have the confidence that you will come out whole on the other side whether it’s as a solopreneur or working for a company in a job where you are flourishing.