Do You Have a Small Business Legal Horror Story? : Under30CEO Do You Have a Small Business Legal Horror Story? : Under30CEO
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Do You Have a Small Business Legal Horror Story?

| June 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is the legal side of starting a business. It can be expensive, complicated and crushing to the business if not done properly.

eMinutes and Under30CEO have decided that we should all be learning the lessons from others who have made mistakes and lived to tell about them.

We want YOUR legal horror story and the lessons learned from it. These stories will be published as a 10-part series featuring your business on to help other entrepreneurs before they go down the same road.

Your story can be about anything that you have had to deal with on the legal side of running your business. What has happened to you that you think could benefit other small business owners so they can avoid the mistake?

We will contact you before your story is published to let you know and to gather any further details. We’re excited to see your stories and we’ll do our best to get your business featured on the site!

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  • Peachanan Rojwongsuriya

    I would really love to hear more legal stories too. After reading this post on Techcrunch:

    It’s time for entrepreneurs to start taking legal more seriously, me included. :)