img_2424-copytan7Whats better then being an entrepreneur? You get to run a business. Build a personal brand. Make your own hours and lifestyle. Build things that you can truly call your own. There is no downside!

Well wait a second. What about struggling to make a sale. Getting negative feedback. Not knowing what your next move will be or even how you will pay your bills tomorrow.

There are a ton of stressful times as an entrepreneur but one of the keys to successful entrepreneurs is they never put their heads down. They never give up and always find a way to push through things. This is where a new company comes in. Started by ambitious 19 year old Logan Lindabury in May 2009 Laughtub aims to bring a little more happiness to the world everyday. When asked why Laughtub matters Logan stated “Because you matter.  Because your happiness and positivity matter.  Laughtub allows you to find all these (happiness, positivity, and more) all in one place!” Logan wants you to go when the going gets tough in your business or your life.

Laughtub has many resources to get that smile on your face. Maybe it will be a game, joke, a video or even a true success story of happiness. There are clips from SNL and The Office. There are also some true and inspiring stories of people and their lives.

Laughter and happiness overall is crucial for any entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs thrive on creativity, energy and that drive to wake up early and go to bed late everyday. One of the main reasons people start their own businesses is because they want to change their lives and they think it will make them happier. This happiness is rarely achieved overnight. It takes a lot of time and work to really reach that pinnacle and what your vision was at the start. So during those tough times keep that head up and keep making those moves. People like Logan are here to help everyone keep their heads up and their eyes on the goal.

Check out when your down or even just for a little laughter each day! If you enjoy it, subscribe.  It’s two emails per week, with jokes, stories, and even discounts from stores.

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