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The Entrepreneurial Roller-coaster and the Sacrifices

| September 27, 2012 | 3 Comments

“How did you do it?” is a question I often hear after telling people that I run my own media company at the age of 27.  An expectant grin awaits some sort of magical, oversimplified answer that just doesn’t exist. I typically respond simply- “hard work”, “took a chance”, “found a great opportunity”- knowing that […]

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Music Industry Goes Gaga for Hyperlocal

| February 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

At the core of the ever-expanding hyperlocal industry exists the belief that communities prefer to engage in content that is targeted towards their region; people like to learn and talk about what’s happening in their own backyard.  Hyperlocal networks like AOL’s community news-focused Patch, Happenings Media’s string of local lifestyle magazines, and Examiner’s grouping of […]

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What’s all the Hype about Hyper-local?

| December 17, 2010 | 7 Comments

Business is buzzing with talk about hyper-local websites, and it is likely affecting you & your business. It can be overwhelming for any young entrepreneur to attempt to navigate through the rapidly changing world of media.  Now, with the latest hyper-speed evolution of hyper-local media, following the industry is more challenging than ever. Since co-founding […]

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How to Avoid the Quarter-Life Crisis by Making the Most Out of College

| September 10, 2010 | 8 Comments

College is an incredible opportunity, and I’m not referring to the classes. Many students in college enjoy a financial freedom that they’ll never again experience after graduation. Of course this isn’t the case for everyone, but there are certainly a lot of you out there. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that […]

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Startup Hot Seat: Universities Finest vs Bucks Happening

| August 28, 2010 | 0 Comments

Today we have Universities Finest and Bucks Happening profiled below. Both companies are making moves and cost virtually nothing to start. Universities Finest simply saw an opening and starting making calenders at campuses across the county. Bucks Happening is an extremely niche blog show casing everything happening in Bucks country Pennsylvania. Simple ideas that a […]

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How to Keep Your Sanity Riding the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

| May 19, 2010 | 6 Comments

Let’s face it- entrepreneurs tend to be a little bit crazy.  Starting a business takes a touch of insanity, but running a business can sometimes send you over the edge. You put everything you have into your business, face challenges you never could have prepared for, & on top of it all, are constantly scrutinized.  […]

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Dear Baby Boomers: A Message From Gen Y

| March 9, 2010 | 54 Comments

Dear Baby Boomers, I know you’re not my biggest fan. I’m one of those pesky GenY twenty-somethings that you’ve called “cocky,” “lazy,” and “incompetent.”  It appears our generation has hit a nerve, really gotten under your skin.  Well, I am writing to you because I feel like we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot. Please […]

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Startup BeMe Encourages Creativity and Individuality

| February 27, 2010 | 6 Comments

What is the story behind BeMe? Individuality is something our family always embraced. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, we kept our parents busy by exploring a plethora of activities throughout our childhood- soccer, basketball, gymnastics, dance- you name it, we tried it. Our activities allowed us to form a strong sense of identity […]

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A Lesson Learned: Taking the Entrepreneurial Plunge

| February 24, 2010 | 13 Comments

Today I woke up at 6am. Like any other Monday, I rushed to get out of the house by 6:30am to begin my two hour commute from Washington Crossing, PA to New York City.  I grabbed a large cup of coffee & jumped on the NJ Transit express.  As caffeine washed away the remnants of […]

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