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6 Ways to Use Name Reservation to Position Your Brand Online

| November 29, 2012 | 5 Comments

In the brick-and-mortar world, individuals and companies are investing a lot of time and money generating the best name and brand for their businesses. In the online world, it’s just as important to reserve a name for your product, brand, and/or business. This requires research, co-ordination, registration and documentation skills, and sometimes a bit of […]

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How to Create a Media List for Free

| November 29, 2012 | 1 Comment

In my last post, I talked about how to create a public relations campaign on a shoestring budget. For this post, I’d like to provide insight on how to create a media list for free. I am a Publicist and when I first started my company, The NetworkFAM, I knew that I would need excellent […]

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Top 5 Apps For Your Startup

| November 25, 2012 | 4 Comments

With countless apps available and dozens that I’ve downloaded personally, there are actually only a few that truly help your business everyday. As a lean startup, I quickly learned the importance of great and free apps. Below is my list of top apps for your startup and mine. One theme that all of these have […]

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7 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page without Spending a Dime

| November 24, 2012 | 158 Comments

Building a Facebook audience doesn’t have to be expensive. By taking a few simple steps, you can promote your page without spending a dime. Here are seven top tips for marketing your Facebook page! 1.)     Cross-Promote Simply looking at the stats on your Facebook posts will show you that to promote your content, […]

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Top Tips for using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for Business

| August 9, 2012 | 3 Comments

With the global economy as it is, new methods of social marketing are becoming well known, with many new businesses and marketing companies embracing it as a way to spread the word in a more reliable, consistent, and cost-effective way. While older values such as trust are just as important as always, newer trends in […]

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235 Young Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

| October 10, 2011 | 34 Comments

When it comes to staying motivated, Twitter is one of our favorite tools at Under30CEO to stay ontop of what all our other young entrepreneur cohorts are doing across the globe.  Seeing tweets at all hours of people up late hustling,  trash talking about how much they’re killing it or truly being helpful online is […]

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Bring Your Business to The Social Web

| September 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

Your customer’s buying patterns have changed. With the advent of DVR, online radio, and ad blockers, traditional “outbound” marketing tactics like commercials and paid advertising just aren’t working as well anymore. With this crazy upheaval in marketing, what’s a business owner to do? Say hello to the social internet. If you’re not a full time […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Interns

| October 20, 2010 | 3 Comments

There is no bigger buzz word than social media and it couldn’t be more trendy to hire interns to “take care of it”, but just because this college crowd has been using Facebook for years, does it really mean they will be able to grow your business online? Just Hiring Any Gen Y Won’t Do […]

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Why You Should Kill Your Marketing Budget!

| August 5, 2010 | 4 Comments

Over the past 9 months Blazetrak has taken on shapes and directions that we could not have predicted in a million years.  Some things we thought would happen have yet to happen, and some things we thought were total long shots have fallen completely into place.  One thing is for sure, Twitter’s power is our greatest asset […]

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Social Media Series: Twitter For Business

| March 2, 2010 | 8 Comments

Of all the social media marketing tactics, Twitter has been the one that seems to elude most CEOs. So, how can Twitter possibly promote brand awareness and increase sales for my business? To get to that  end result, let’s start at the beginning. Like Facebook, Twitter can be used to post updates and useful information […]

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