Teen Entrepreneur Danielle Herb (on right) has devoted her life to helping others through her organization Drop Your Reins. Danielle helps children find alternative healing methods for ADD and ADHD through work with horses. She has worked directly with Shonika Proctor and the Renegade CEO Program since the age of 15. Her accomplishments and goodwill towards others make her one of the most dynamic young people we’ve ever known through Under30CEO.

Today I received an email from Shonika, explaining that Danielle has been fighting CRPS or RSD and will need everyone’s support. Unfortunately, this is an uncurable disease which affects her neurological system. It is taking over her entire body and on most days she is bedridden with excruciating pain. She has been receiving treatment at the top hospitals in the country, but is going through a lot of suffering in the process.

From her Facebook Lifestream found on the right hand side of her website really shows how much suffering she is going through and we would like to ask the Under30CEO Community to help.

We’re asking everyone to take a minute and extend their good wishes to Danielle; make a quick video for her, write her a note or a poem and put it in the comments below or write her on Facebook. Anything you can do will help this amazing member of our community to get through the disease she is battling. If just a few of us share this on our social channels, we may be able to help.

Her mother is also raising money to buy a used wheelchair and lift for Danielle and monetary dontions can be sent to her gofundme page.

Let’s all keep Danielle in our thoughts and help her out so she can get back to riding horses and doing what she loves.