By Industry

Clothing: Armani


5th Avenue is loaded with sexy ads but Armani has made a name for themselves as the sexiest in the industry. David Beckham, People Magazine’s sexiest man of 2008 was paid 20 million pounds as the brands global ambassador.

Magazine: Cosmopolitan

1 lauren conrad bad girl sex cosmo-cover

Grocery store shopping lines will never be the same. Shield your children’s eyes but this women’s magazine boasts titles such as “Deep Sex” and “The Blended Orgasm” on every cover.

Alcohol: Miller Lite

While most beer companies try to sell sex with promotional girls, very few have made an image purely based on sexiness like Miller Lite has done after their infamous catfight superbowl ad.

Internet (non pornographic): GoDaddy

godaddy girls candice_and_champagne_2

GoDaddy’s audacious use of sex has made web hosting all the buzz the past few superbowls. CEO Bob Parsons’ blog features videos such as “How I Built 3 Mega Million $$$ Businesses From Scratch! Plus a Very Hot Russian Chick.”

Non-Profit: PETA


Want attention for your ad? Get it banned. What PETA and sex have to do with each other we are not quite sure, but PETA’s fully nude campaign certainly proves “sex sells”, or at least raises awareness.

Sporting Goods: Under Armour

underarmour marketing sex sells

The NFL made football sexy with superhuman men flexing their muscles in battle. Under Armour just jumped on the bandwagon and made clothing designed to show off those muscles.

Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret

How can you argue Sharen Turney, Victoria’s Secret’s chief executive says: “We’ve so much gotten off our heritage … too sexy, and we use the word sexy a lot and really have forgotten the ultra feminine.”

Cars: Cadillac

Cadillac has renewed their sexy brand image that has inundated pop culture via rap music.  Just for fun: check out Volvo’s interesting play at becoming a sexier brand more commonly known for their mommy wagons.

Condoms: Trojan

Competition is stiff–but the best sellers of sex goes to this creative condom manufacturer hosting the Trojan Games online.

Fragrance: Tag Body Spray

Put on Tag Body Spray and you are sure to have women clamoring for you; or at least that’s what the commercials want you to think. Their new campaign is entirely celebrity endorsed so you’ll score with the ladies like Carmelo, Luda and Rob Dyrdek do.