Last week during the United Nations General Assembly Billionaire Ted Turner, founder of the United Nation’s Foundation sat down with 25 year old Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable to discuss how the world is changing. Ted Turner touches on the Millennium Development Goals and gets into some pretty hilarious topics including…

  • How war is obsolete because you “end up bombing your customers”
  • How he had problems making payroll for the first 7 years at CNN
  • How he went through several VPs of Finance because he gave them heart attacks
  • How Bobby Cox, Atlanta Braves Manager was one of his best employees
  • How he never said “not to worry about making mistakes, when making history”
  • How print media is obsolete because, let’s be serious, you have to cut down tress and can’t just send it out on your Twitter or “Twinkler”

Ted, founder of CNN talks about how media can change the world during the age of the internet and how we all have a responsibility to inform, inspire and educate each other.

Skip to the 6 minute mark to get past the introductions…