alister & paine

What is the story behind your company?

Alister & Paine is a digital magazine for 21st century executives… nothing new, we know.  Sure, we have awesome writers (Jeffrey Miron, Harvard Economist–for one) and great interviewees spouting amazing advice (Rick Alden, CEO of SkullCandy) but our real value is what we do behind the scenes… our secret recipe of B2B Market Engagement that no one sees from the front-end.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

1. We don’t publish a billion times a day, we only publish highly polished and selective pieces twice weekly.
2. When ever we review or discuss a product it’s based on experience… not press releases.
3. We provide our clients with a service you never find in a publishing company… and almost never find outside of six-figure business consultants… and that’s our Target Account Penetration Program (TAPP) a patent-pending business method.

Future plans for the company?

Keep doing what we’re doing, stay focused, and don’t deviate from who we are by trying to please everyone… no matter how tempting it is.

What was the start-up budget?


Year Founded:



Founders and Ages:

Brian D. Aitken | 24 at time of founding the Exploratory Committee, 25 at time of incorporation, 26 now.

Where can people find the company?

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