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10 Things Gen Y Won’t Pay for

| July 25, 2009 | 83 Comments



Since the beginning of time, we’ve gotten free checking as students: Chase, Bank of America, Wachovia, Capital One all offer it to us.  If we are no longer eligible as a full time student we have two options: A. Lie and tell them we are or B. Get direct deposit.  Most banks will extend free checking for as long as we do this.  Gen Y hates fees and we are smart enough to comparison shop.  If someone is going to rip us off, it’s easy to hop online and find out who does it for free.  It’s not the Mom and Pop economy anymore–we know there are plenty of banks out there who will cater to our needs.

Long Distance


Long distance was something our grandparents worried about.  It doesn’t matter how far away from the person you are when you call them–it’s all has to go through outerspace anyway.  The expression “it’s my nickel” sounds prehistoric.  In actuality as long as we don’t go over our bazillion minutes on our cell phone we aren’t concerned.  We most likely have free calls to all our friends and family on the same cell phone network.  Plus, if our parents can text message, we are much more likely to drop them a note once in a while.



Quick–how much does a stamp cost?  32, 42, whatever, it changes more often than we ever need to mail something.  Now, we don’t even know how much stamps are because of the Forever Stamp.  BTW, we hate email too. It’s much too professional and the only things in our inbox are obligations.  We know very few of our friends email addresses because they change too often anyway.  We’ll just look you up on Facebook.



First of all, we haven’t bought a CD since Jock Jams.  Secondly, even if we don’t feel like beating the system with Bit-Torrents or whatever the newest Napster-like-service is, we’ll get it off YouTube.  Forget radio, when we have Pandora Radio–it plays what we like and there are no interruptions.  FYI–Pandora installed a usage limit this week, so check out Slacker Radio.



While wireless internet is a necessity, it doesn’t mean we have to pay for it.  First thing we do when we move into a new apartment is look to see which of your neighbors wireless we can pick up.  Stealing? We don’t consider it stealing from the library or Panera bread.  Oh yeah, Dear Starbucks and Barnes and Noble, you really piss us off trying to make us pay $3.95, but what’s worse is the hassle of registering and entering our credit card number.

Travel Agents


Let’s be serious–we don’t need any help with travel advice or finding the best price.  We ask our friends where to go and do a little online research.  Kayak, Cheap Tickets, Expedia and Orbitz is all we need.



Cookbooks, phonebooks, appointment books–why buy a book when you bought a computer? As far as real books go, reading has been forced down our throats since age 5 and it just doesn’t quite stimulate the mind like HDTV, Xbox and YouTube.



If you pay for porn you either A. Have a problem or B. Have a problem.  We all knew that kid who sold porn in middle school, but he’s out of business now thanks to high speed internet.  The real issue with ordering a pay-per-view skin flick is you can’t clear your history on your cable bill.



Watching or reading the news used to be a form of entertainment.  Luckily, we have better options than that for fun.  If we really want to know something, we’ll bypass the newspaper that just reprints what happened and go directly to MLB.com to find out who won the game.  No middleman needed.  Gen Y gets our news through our friends–if it was important enough, we’ll hear about it.  Most of us got 3 or 4 text messages when Michael Jackson died.

Directory Assistance


There might be Gen Yers who don’t know this term.  Calling 411 or information for 75 cents is ridiculous.  Yes, there is 1800-Goog-411 or 1800-FREE411 but we have Google, BlackBerrys, and the Yellowpages iPhone app.  The best use we’ve ever gotten out of a phonebook was to see which of our friends thought they were superhuman enough to rip it in half.

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  • http://Under30CEO.com Jared O'Toole

    News and Music are huge things I won't pay for.

    It will be interesting to see how the companies in these industries adapt or not to this environment. We've seen the music and news industries falter maybe others will learn from their mistakes.

  • under30ceo

    Gen Y loves the fact that music is for music lovers now, not corporate hotshots who jack up the prices. The music industry made too much money for too long with no innovation.

    There is a changing of the guard now.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    It's the sad truth about books–there is a lot to be learned out there but little seems to be done to obtain any of this knowledge.

  • http://twitter.com/bknotts R. Brennan Knotts

    If you look at the National Endowment for the Arts 2009 Reading Report titled “Reading on the Rise,” it turns out Young Adults (i.e. ages 18 – 24) showed the greatest gains in literary reading (so this isn't counting those blog posts or magazine articles). It's astonishing considering the nearly decade of decreases, but reading is up 21% among young adults in 2008.

    To your point about paying for books though – as digital reading inevitably becomes the norm, books will be pirated (docstoc and scribd are good places to look right now), but I think people will transition to paying for books much quicker than they did music. The book industry has learned from the music industry's mistakes.

  • http://Under30CEO.com Jared O'Toole

    True 1 thing I do find with books though is how I never pay full price. I can always find a used copy somewhere usually for less then $5. So I think that is a big trend with Gen Y…we know how to find stuff for muchhh cheaper.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Brennan, thanks for the statistics, although I'm shocked. I am not sure that the sentiment towards reading has changed, but maybe book sales are up I'm not sure.

    I'm also not sure that the book industry has learned from music's mistakes. Luckily for music they have more than 1 way to make money (concert sales, apparel, etc) Luckily for books they are much more comfortably read as a hard copy and cannot totally be duplicated by digital downloads

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Has anyone ever ordered a used book? Besides in college…?

  • http://thestartupist.com rethansmith

    Aside from textbooks – no.

  • http://Under30CEO.com Jared O'Toole

    ive never bought a new book. last time i bought books it was like $6 for 3 books

  • tejas_bhatt

    Almost always!! I find cheap used books from Amazon or other sites, or my road-side vendors seem to make a living out of it!!

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    I feel like I am missing the boat here. I almost always break down and go to Barnes and Noble and buy on impulse.

    Luckily, I've been writing to authors I hear about and ask them if I can review their book on U30. I haven't been denied yet, they gladly send it in exchange for some press.

  • tejas_bhatt

    Matt, I don't want 'not buying new books' to be taken as 'won't pay at all for books'.

    I buy old books as much as I can, to save money. For lot of other titles, there is Project Gutenberg. But I definitely do not condone HDTV, Xbox and YouTube as replacements of books as the article seems to convey.

    We probably will not pay for books as much as the previous generations, that sounds fair.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Thanks Tejas–I hope our generation steps up to the plate and reads more often, but I think it's yet to be seen.

    I also think that the people who comment on this blog read way more than most Gen Y's.

  • http://www.pockettales.com/ Brennan Knotts

    I know I'm ahead of the curve when it comes to digital reading, but after reading a couple 300 page novels on my iPod (Stanza and Amazon Kindle apps preferred) I PREFER my iPod to the hardcopy. It's easier to read with one hand (which might sound trivial, but it's easier to find a comfortable laying/sitting position with one hand free), I can read in the dark, it's easier to find my place, it saves me a trip to the book store, the list goes on…

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Hey Brennan, I haven't heard much about people reading on their ipods–do you use an app?

  • http://twitter.com/KEVINgotbounce kevin mandeville

    huge shift going on in the music industry. one is EPs over albums. it's the new consumer choice. others are viral acts, such as paying as much as you want for a particular album. i did an entire mass comm paper on this, should post sometime.

  • http://www.pockettales.com/ Brennan Knotts

    There are some mobile web based reading services but you'll want to use an app – and there are a ton of reading apps. Stanza is the most popular (Lexcycle the creator of Stanza was recently bought by Amazon) but Amazon also has an app which allows you to download books from their Kindle Store. It syncs up with their Kindle Device as well so you can read books you've purchased on multiple devices.

    My company http://www.Pockettales.com actually helps self-published authors convert their printed works into iPhone apps, although we're currently writing a business plan to take the company in a new direction.

    If you want to check out one of our free apps search for “Seneca – On the Shortness of Life” on the App Store.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Hey Brennan, just checked out PocketTales. Very interesting. So with Stanza, you can download books to read with that app, but your company makes entire apps out of books. I guess either one would work. I'm going to have to try reading on my iphone.

    Sometimes I read my Google Reader on my iPhone, but it's not preferable to me.

    So you must think that digital is the future of book or just another alternative to the hard copy? What about news on people's ipod/phones? Should we be considering and Under30CEO app?

  • http://twitter.com/jfeldstein jfeldstein

    Free Music:

    Who do you expect to bring them to you, then? At the end of the day, whoever makes the music needs to be able to both focus on their music and put food on the table.

  • http://twitter.com/jfeldstein jfeldstein

    Free Books:

    Id pay for digital books if I had a week-long trial. If Im not into it by then, it's not worth the $ … but I really want a Kindle.

  • http://twitter.com/jfeldstein jfeldstein

    Free Mail:

    Where'd this one come from? Way out of left field…

    You may not do it that often, but mailing stuff is really cheap. Like really cheap.

    I mailed a bottle of wine: The postage was less than the tax. It's silly cheap, but you also get whatever you want, physically carted anywhere in the country. Do you know how long it used to take to get a box from NY to CA? We can do it in 3 days for under $5.

    Email gives the impression that it's ready for everything, but you can't deny the officiallity of getting stuff in the mail.

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  • http://www.smallhandsbigideas.blogspot.com Grace Boyle

    Ah, good list. We're a tough crowd, huh?

    However, I think there are some of us who still enjoy a good book. Maybe it's personal preference but a kindle will never be something I own. I also love receiving mail. Facebook is where it's at for sure, but every once in a while writing a personalized letter or thank you can go a long way. It's a dying art, really.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Jordan, there are a lot of other ways for musicians to make money other than record sales. The business model is changing, artists are getting apparel deals that are just as big as record deals now. It's all about personal branding–they need to find other ways than just record sales to make their money…. it's time for this industry to innovate.

    Very few other industries cry and complain when innovation comes along. Instead of fighting this in court they need to be figuring out new models and ways to make money in a more creative fashion. Look at the online print world Under30CEO is entering into–it's not a perfect model b/c everything is given away for free, but we are confident that we are going to find a way to work the system and take advantage of this opportunity!

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Grace, thanks for the comment. I'm glad you still enjoy a good handwritten letter. The anticipation of checking your mailbox just isn't the same as checking your inbox…

  • sarahshawdubois

    As I read this I felt so OLD – but then realized that I have the same attitude towards most the the list anyhow…..except that I pay for WIFI and don't steal music or watch porn….. being the last gen X'er generation always made me feel young since I wasn't a baby boomer……what are my kids? The next generation? They were born in 2008 – in another century than I was…..how weird is that?

  • sedasa

    Nice list. I think a good portion of Gen X wouldn't pay for over half that list either.

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  • Name

    The books comments are rather sad. At least read good books on your phone…

    The e-mail comment is also sad, but I suspect it simply reflects the youth and immaturity of GenY. Give them a few years, they'll have grown up a bit.

    I'll add something to the list… mouse pads (and mice, for that matter). Everyone's got laptops, netbooks, and PDAs/smartphones now.

  • http://Under30CEO.com Jared O'Toole

    I don't think anyone said they werent reading books but rather we wont pay for them or at least pay much.

    Id like to understand the email thing more. Because it so true! My inbox is only business oriented. Now not saying I could ever live without it but its not where I like to go all the time. Friends get contacted through facebook or text messages. I might have 2-3 friends email addresses and its because i do business with them. Otherwise I'm writing on their wall or calling them up!

    but yes mice are now out of style to!

  • http://communities.bmc.com/communities/blogs/socialmedia Alena Hitzemann

    totally agree with all of these except books. there is nothing like flipping the pages of a worn old paperback… but of course, i was an english major, so i might be biased. ;)

    as far as fb v email… i have to admit that fb is taking over. it's been a gradual process, but more and more of my communication with friends is in my fb inbox instead of my hotmail inbox. i'm holding on to my email address book just in case, however… you never know when the next social media exodus will begin.

  • http://twitter.com/ProjectYine Project Y-ine

    My belief is that people no matter what age, still love getting items in the mail. The mail is just associated with bills, so I personally avoid it at all costs. Also, people don't send birthday cards or postcards anymore. Social Media, Email and MMS has made it much more convenient to send e-cards. Thanks for reminding me to send postcards to my friends from the road.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Alena, re: FB vs email. I'd much rather send a tweet to someone if I need to contact them. Twitter is fun, email is not.

    I actually don't check my FB messages very much while I check email every day consistently, BUT friend:friend like a hey whats happening–always occurs via FB. Biz wise, I'll look up their email on FB and then email them. But STILL, I hate email!!! It's a nuisance… maybe 1/12 emails I say YES! I'm so happy I got this email. Otherwise it's just a drain on all of us regardless of age.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Forget mice. I had a graphic design friend help me with some web design and he asked me where my mouse was…. I wasn't sure what to tell him, but supposedly it helps with that kind of stuff and helps with productivity. I wonder if LifeHacker has any facts on mice…

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Sarah, I think your kids are Gen M? The ones who grew up in the internet age…. What do you think?

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    I love getting mail, if I'm expecting something. Other than that, nobody runs to the mailbox like a little kid waiting for bills!

  • http://twitter.com/bknotts R. Brennan Knotts

    Actually, her kids are being referred to as “Gen We” with their predominant characteristic being that they've known the potential for instant communication with anyone around the world nearly since birth. http://news.cnet.com/2009-1025_3-6151768.html

  • sarahshawdubois

    OMG I am so scared! they will never even know what a dial up telephone looks like unless they see it in a museum……. there probably won't even be land lines when they are teenagers! EEK

  • http://twitter.com/bknotts R. Brennan Knotts

    I think digital is the future of books – the endless benefits of the medium will overcome any “cuddle factor” or nostalgia people like to talk about – but hard copies will still have a niche. It's like when writing was invented, people still spoke. When tv was invented, people still listened to the radio, etc.

    If your app can provide benefits outside of just being an rss reader, then I think an Under30CEO app has potential. Might be fun to brainstorm what features it should have.

  • http://Under30CEO.com Jared O'Toole

    haha YES. i have childhood memories of phonebooks and land lines. Gen Y may be the last generation to experience those things!

  • patriciaharding

    I totally agree… 9-10. Keep the books.

    Reality is books maybe on thier way out. It's a bee-atch to produce and not ecologically sustainable either. However, I think their a treasure. I like reading my books and magazine w/ pages more than from a screen. It's an experience thing, I guess.

    If we can keep the books, that would be great.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    There are other alternatives to reading magazines/books in print form but to me, nothing can replace relaxing and flipping thru a magazine…I'm all for keeping books/magazines. It's unfortunate that Gen Y doesn't take the time to read like some other generations, but I think once everyone gets over the horrors of reading 15 books in 15 weeks for freshman english, they'll be reading a lot more.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Brennan, I can remember in 7th grade my best friend moved away… little did I know I could talk to him everyday on AIM. Now to keep tabs on people we just follow them on Twitter or facebook. Pretty sweet that all is available on your phone.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Sarah soon your kids will be playing Xbox with their headset on, trash talking to opponents on the other side of the world…not exactly what we used to do with dialup.

  • sarahshawdubois

    stop scaring me!

  • wgc

    Believe it or not, toys are one of the things being left behind … A couple of years ago, we realized that all of the toy phones our kids and their friends had, resembled dial-up phones, but none of them had actually seen such a thing. Both of our kids identified more with using an old calculator as a toy phone, since that is closer to what they see us use!

  • polyana

    omg, JOCK JAMS!

    but, um… i still e-mail… and use facebook, and twitter…

  • polyana

    omg, JOCK JAMS!

    but, um… i still e-mail… and use facebook, and twitter…

  • http://twitter.com/LadiesTravel Sandy Wheeler

    I have to disagree as a travel agent with you on that one. Yes, Gen Y is more than capable of doing their travel plans; however, I have the theory that they also know a good way to leverage their time when they see it. My last three clients have been Gen Y. Thanks for allowing me to comment! Sandy Wheeler, http://www.SandyWheelerTravel.com

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Hey Sandy, thanks for the input. I think a lot of GenY use recommendations from friends and the free information available online. How do you plan on making your services useful enough so people continue to use travel agents?

  • http://millennialsonline.com/ Peter

    I would have to disagree about books – I know there is a lot of hoopla about the new Kindle (and related eBooks from Waterstones, etc).

    But sitting on the Tube carriages, all I see are people my age reading books (well some are reading Dan Brown which I don't count, but that's another argument).

    The whole experience of sitting in front of a screen versus sitting on your favourite chair with a cup of tea near-by…well there's no competition. Books are here to stay.

  • http://Under30CEO.com Jared O'Toole

    I agree books are here to stay but that doesn't mean I pay for them! Or at least not much. I will never buy a book at full price and I get most of my books for free by leveraging my blog.

  • http://www.ben-lang.com/ Ben Lang

    Great list lol very funny!

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  • http://www.bankadvisor.org/Chase-Bank-CD-Rates.php Chase Bank CD Rates

    agreed paying for music is a thing of the past… however if ur an espn fan… they still got people paying for news on their site…

  • Lee Hansen

    While I totally agree with you as so far so the content of this article, I have to inform you that while we might not like to pay for checking. Free checking offers are one of the biggest scams in history. An old white dude banking consultant actually came up with the idea of offering us free checking with built in overdraft protection as a way to basically compete with those “pay day” loan rip-off joints. So if you buy a pizza with your debit card (aka. “free” checking account) and the pizza costs 12 bucks and you only have 5 bucks in your account – the debit card will allow the transaction to occur and charge you something like $35 or 40 dollars per overdraft. It is roughly the equivalent of paying 3,000%APR interest on a short term loan provided by the bank for the privilege of buying a pizza.

    “According to the F.D.I.C. study, a $27 overdraft fee that a customer repays in two weeks on a $20 debit purchase would incur an annual percentage rate of 3,520 percent. By contrast, penalty interest rates on credit cards generally run about 30 percent.” *quote from following NYtimes article

    Don't take my word on it though:


  • steve

    10 reasons to pay for porn – well here's 9 add 1 more yourself -

    Cos you don't want to become a crumby tight assed freeloader
    You'll get higher quality than on a freeloader site – they compress the films
    You'll get faster downloads – freeloader sites eat bandwidth and have to throttle it or they go bust
    You'll get it without viruses and Trojans
    You can be sure the models are of legal age
    You won't be breaking copyright law
    You'll often get to chat with others into the same thing, plus bonus features like messages from the models
    Cos if noone paid they wouldn't make it any more and we'd have nothing new to watch
    Cos its a fun industry that deserves your support

  • Charlie Horse

    So true a lot of this stuff. The pornography on the internet I think is a real problem, it should be treated like a dangerous narcotic, and not so f*#@ing easy to obtain. That sh#* is like crack! Freedom of speech, my a** that stuff is toxic! It demeans all people involved in both the viewing and making of it.(yes, i have had a problem…..I've never had crack, though.)

    Whew…ok…had to vent…sorry about that…..
    Other stuff..I personally do still like to get used cd's and used books…the used cd's can be gotten cheaper than downloads often times even with shipping thru amazon, though not as instant. also getting cd's free from the public library. But the music ends up ripped as mp3's on my ipod anyway, but i still like having that physical cd, but only if it is of some music or artist i really enjoy, plus my car has a cd player changer. (i stopped pirating music, too addictive, and it is still stealing) I am definitely more into mp3's, I've gotten rid of over half of my CD collection, just getting rid of albums i didn't listen to anymore.
    i think I will like e-readers & ebooks when they are more common & affordable. abe.com is a favorite place to order used real books.
    I hope a large facebook exodus begins soon, I'm not a big fan.

  • Charlie Horse

    reason 10 :
    Cuz you want to spend hard earned money remain emotionally detached from real people, so you can pleasure yourself indefinitely without the consequences of a meaningful interaction with another person and remain a porn addicted wanker who really needs a wake up call to reality and get help! Having a sexual relationship with a machine is a sad product of our society, but there is still time to quit looking at pornography. It's never too late to quit.

  • Charlie Horse

    i agree with books are here to stay…they are cheap and their batteries never die and they never need upgraded (unless you get them really wet) and you can actaully focus on one at a time.

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  • mikeBAurora

    Great top 10 list… Thanks

  • http://realtorshanna.blogspot.com/ Shanna

    As a Realtor both in the Gen Y, and serving the Gen Y this list is completely true.

  • http://www.KingSidharth.com King Sidharth

    That was obvious, wasn't it?

  • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

    I love EVERYTHING about this post. Seriously, couldn't agree more…

  • Curious

    What about health insurance? What are Gen Yers thoughts about needing/buying health insurance?

  • Curious

    What about health insurance? What are Gen Yers thoughts about needing/buying health insurance?

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  • under25cio

    a book “just doesn’t quite stimulate the mind like HDTV, Xbox and YouTube”? wtf are you retarded?

  • http://www.makemoneyonlineng.com Adesoji Adegbulu

    Wow… I cant agree less most especially Music and Wireless

  • http://www.dollarloancenter.org No Teletrack Payday Loans

    I am also doing the same things.

  • Anonymous

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  • http://www.ravens-jerseys-shop.com/ Baltimore Ravens Jerseys

    Brennan, thanks for the statistics, although I’m shocked. I am not sure
    that the sentiment towards reading has changed, but maybe book sales
    are up I’m not sure.

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