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Since we officially rolled out our new travel company Under30Experiences last week, we’ve been busy telling our story around the web.  We’ve had such amazing ups and downs building Under30CEO and Under30Experiences, that we decided to share some actionable advice, lessons learned, and the whole inspirational story to help you along your own journey…

Here are 13 quotes we’ve rounded up from our recent interviews: 

“Building a company requires a team of passionate people, with different roles and responsibilities— not just a passionate founder.”Six Lessons Learned From Turning My Passion Into a Business on Forbes

“When you put your back against the wall, you make sh*t happen.” —An Open Letter to Frustrated Entrepreneurs on Business Insider

“People don’t just want to travel anymore, they want to have an experience.” —Interview on with Matt Wilson

“Success is far more rewarding when you have to work for it.” Remarkable Interviews about Under30Experiences and Under30CEO

“I want our generation to go down as the one that changed everything. We have a lot of work to do.” —Some actionable advice on Idea Mensch

“I haven’t failed, I’ve found 1,000 ways that don’t work.” –Thomas Edison  The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle and Creating a Legacy

“We don’t travel to see new things, we travel to get new eyes.”– Ahha Moments on Icebergs at Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast

“Most entrepreneurs learn better by doing. You also learn a lot faster when situations are real and your own money is on the line.”– Interview with Matt Wilson

“Starting a business is easy; putting in the time to make it successful is the difficult part.” — Under30CEO Embraces the Inner Traveler and the Outer Entrepreneur

“Meeting with microfinance clients in the poorest parts of Nicaragua, surfing in Bali, riding camels on the Persian Gulf, and superjeeping across glaciers… Why wouldn’t we want to bring people who want to change the world on these types of adventures?” —–See the Planet, Save the World, Under30Experiences: Nicaragua

“Not only are the coffee shops in SoHo becoming jammed with startups, but the neighbors to Fueled Collective include Thrillist, Jackthreads, ZocDoc, Foursquare, etc., it’s a no brainer to surround yourself with companies of that caliber.” —Under30CEO on the San Francisco Chronicle

“Under30Experiences is not a travel company, we’re an experience company.” — The How It’s Done Business Podcast

“Under30Experiences is a company that focuses on creating a collection of positive, educational experiences by bringing together young professionals who have an open mind, hunger for opportunity, and passion for living a customized lifestyle.”— Cesar Romero in Hashtags + Stillettos Blog

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