Publishing anything is a sophisticated process and it can be lucrative if done right. The advantage of self-publishing is that you master the whole process of writing all the way to publishing. Even then, self-publishing done without much care can be really hectic, stressful, and costly.  Hence, you need to be prepared. This article gives you a list of some of the publishing resources you will need to become successful.

1. Plagiarism checker Plagtracker

This is a website which allows you to check for plagiarism in all the work you write to ensure that it’s not published anywhere else. This protects you from copyright infringements suits once the work is already written.

2. Digital Publishing

This is one of the best parts of the Adobe site with resources you can use to effect digital publishing properly. It has all the resources you need about publishing and the audience.

3. InDesign Docs

This website is great resource which helps you determine how to target your published work readers.

4. ePub eBooks Tutorial

Here you can find several tutorials on how to format work in different files. It also contains resources that will help you how to troubleshoot validation issues in whatever files you use to create you works.

5. Learn GREP from The InDesigner on

Video tutorial about use of GREP specifically in InDesign. GREP is a powerful way to edit code in ePubs. Liz Castro shows how to use GREP in video tutorials.

6. EBW Knowledge Base

EBW contains all the details you will require to understand digital publishing. PDFs and ePub format resources are there, among a horde of other reference materials.

7. Ebook Retailers and Distributors

Great resource that describes how to enhance your eBook either with video, animations, etc.

8. Getting Started with Ebooks

This site will provide you with all the intelligence required to know what readers use to read information, formats, and eBook retailers. The flowcharts are invaluable for the self-publisher, considering that they need a full process to succeed.


There is everything about EPUB content publication standards. Openbook develops and maintains the EPUB content publishing standard.

10. EPUB

It is full of Indesign secrets for self-publishers. You will find many resources about Indesign on this website, which will help you to become a better publisher.

11. From InDesign to iPad

There you can find everything dedicated to integrating design to the iPad, which is an extremely important area new publishers should be looking up to.


This blog is a rich resource for eBooks and their supporting reading devices.


Webkit is an open source web browser “engine” and the basis for Mac OS browsers, including Safari, the iPad, and the iPhone.


This is a website which covers different aspects of web coding such as HTML and JavaScript. You can learn from the immense tutorials about Publisher on this website.

15. eBook Ninjas

Here you may listen to podcasts on any field of self-publishing, a rich resource for eBook publishing and the respective devices.

16. Twitter

Every Wednesday at 11:00, join the #ePrdctn chat. Using the #ePrdctn hashtag for tweets about e-production will direct those tweets to a knowledgeable and active community ready to answer questions and discuss the latest developments in digital publishing and e-production.

17. Digital Book World

This site has enough details about news, reports, trends, and events in the self-publishing  sector.

18. Kindle Formatting by Joshua Tallent

If you are interested it publishing content on the Kindle this article is great guidance about Kindle formatting. The Kindle is an aspect that cannot be ignored by digital publishers because of the support it provides to eBooks.

Phillip Garret is a freelance writer, loves writing tech tips and tricks.

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