Ever since search engines became popular and they implemented their first algorithm, keywords have been used. They are used to index content properly, to rank properly, and to provide searchers exactly what they are looking for. So in order to find the best keywords, you have to come up with keyword strategies. There are plenty of different strategies out there, but to help you get started, we are going to cover 3 strategies that are basic and could work for anyone.

Strategy #1: Target The Most Beneficial Keywords

Choosing keywords based only off of traffic potential isn’t always the best strategy because that specific traffic might not actually help you achieve your goals. If your goals are to get more sales or more conversions, then you would get closer to your goal by targeting traffic that are actually interested in doing those things instead of targeting traffic that is only interested in looking or reading.

For example, if you are an online retail store that sells jewelry, your main goal would be to have people purchase the items. So targeting a keyword similar to “great deals on beautiful jewelry” would be much better to target then “Jewelry that looks good”. The second search term might get more traffic, but the first one tells you that the people who type that in are actually looking to buy jewelry, they are just waiting for a good deal.

Strategy #2: Target Keywords Based Off Of Your Competition

The second strategy we are going to take a look into is all based off of competition. Most of the time, a more popular keyword has more competition involved to get ranked high. So, you could choose your keywords based off of how much competition there is and also if you could out rank them. There are plenty of tools out there that assist with researching your competition and their keyword strategies. So if you look into a keyword and then find that there is a good amount of competition. Go and see what it will take to out rank them. If you think you can do it, then target the keyword, but if not, stay away from it.

There is never a point into trying to rank on a keyword that has an incredible amount of competition because usually no matter how much SEO you do, you won’t get ranked high.

Strategy #3: Target Multiple Keywords That Are Easy to Rank

This strategy is great for anyone new to SEO and to keywords because you are not going to be trying to target keywords that are hard. They will all be low traffic terms with barely any competition. The thing is, once you are ranked high on a lot of terms, the combined traffic will be pretty decent. This strategy requires you to do plenty of research and find as many relevant keywords as you possibly can. The more keywords you have to target, the better.

Doing this strategy will help you understand what it takes to rank high and also gives you a lot of experience with SEO and keywords. After you have ranked high on a lot, you could possibly move to other strategies or adjust it however you want.

It’s easy to set up your own blog but getting it ranked higher on search engines is quite a challenge. In the end, which ever strategy you choose is up to you, but these 3 have proven to work. You could also even combine all 3 of them to include a little of each to find a keyword that is perfect. Although perfect keywords are hard to find, they are very beneficial once you do.

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