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30 Up and Coming Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Know

| March 10, 2011 | 36 Comments

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A few days ago we published 20 Blogs and Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow. That list was full of some of the most influential and most respected business people in the world. Today we are covering some of tomorrow’s business leaders who have already started to carve out their own brand and niche. Many of these bloggers are under 30 years old with a bunch even under 20! These are some of the sites and individuals to look out for in coming years as they continue to grow and learn in the business world.

You will find all kinds of topics like branding, marketing and lifestyle design but the one thing you will take away from each of these bloggers is some inspiration. Whether its their articles, personal stories or site missions you will not have to look far to get inspired and motivated to take you and your business to the next level.

1. Just Creative Design – Twitter: @JustCreative

Jacob Cass writes about graphic design, logos, brand identity and overall creativity. While just 23 Jacob has earned many accolades and is well known in the design world. Reading his blog will surely spark some creativity and give you some insight into design and branding.

2. Ryan Stephens – Twitter: @RyanStephens

Ryan is passionate about marketing and more importantly about building business relationships. With regular articles and videos Ryan talks about how and why building those relations and conversations will help your business.

3. EpicLaunch – Twitter: @EpicLaunch

Ben Lang started his first business at age 14 and has continued to build his name in the young entrepreneur world. On EpicLaunch you will find content about starting and building a business as a young entrepreneur.

4. Greg Rollett – Twitter: @GregRollett

Greg does not post as often as some of the other bloggers but when he does you should listen. Greg is passionate about lifestyle design and marketing. Being a former musician he tries to bring those skills to the music industry by working with bands and artists.

5. Exile Lifestyle – Twitter: @Colinismyname

One of the more creative bloggers on the list, Colin is a world traveler and brand expert. He moves to a new country every 4 months to set up shop and learn about the area all while running his branding firm with a few select clients.

6. Thrilling Heroics – Twitter: @CodyMckibb

Cody McKibben is going to try and break you from whatever you call a “normal” lifestyle. He wants you to be remarkable and his writing shows it as he travels and blogs about living a kick ass life.

7. Erin Blaskie – Twitter: @ErinBlaskie

“In a hot passionate love affair with the internet” as she describes herself. Following her will surely shed some light on internet marketing and entrepreneurship in general.

8. Blogussion – Twitter: @blogussion

Want to learn more about blogging? The founder of blogussion, Alex, is only 17 but will open your mind to ideas, tips and tricks on making a better blog.

9. Small Hands Big Ideas – Twitter: @GraceKBoyle

As a young women immersed in the start-up scene of boulder Colorado, Grace writes about her experiences and thoughts on life. Specifically she likes to talk about startups, careers, relationships and inspiration as she goes through it all herself.

10. Life After College – Twitter: @Jenny_Blake

As a recent college graduate herself Jenny Blake wants to make the next step a littler bit easier for everyone. Her mission is to give you simple, practical tips that help you focus on the big picture of life and not just the details.

11. Corn on the Job – Twitter: Cornonthejob

Rich DeMatteo is a corporate recruiter who brings his expertise of interviewing and hiring. He brings that expertise and his ideas to the table at Corn on the Job and hopefully will make the process of finding that job a littler easier.

12. Illuminated Mind – Twitter: @JonathanMead

Learn about finding your passion and getting paid to do it! Jonathan focuses on getting people out of their day jobs and helping them find a more fulfilling path in life.

13. Location 180 – Twitter: @SeanOgle

If you’re looking for some inspiration this is a great place to start. Sean writes about his journey from a corporate job to traveling the world and entrepreneurship. He hopes that sharing his stories will help spark you to take whatever leap you have been thinking about in your life.

14.  Life Without Pants – Twitter: @MattChevy

Matt Chevy is an amazing web designer and marketer who loves to write about those experiences. His blog is a place to learn about life and business and you’ll never leave the site without a few things to think about.

15. Man vs Debt – Twitter: @ManvsDebt

Adam Baker and his wife spent a year selling all of their stuff in order to pay off their debts to then travel abroad for a long period of time. The blog started documenting this process and soon developed a huge following of others trying to find their way out of debt and into a more minimalist and exciting lifestyle.

16. Youngprepro – Twitter: @Youngprepro

Onibalusi is a young 17 year old blogger who started writing about young entrepreneurship and is growing his brand quickly. While his blog is still in the early stages it is shaping into a great site to follow for all young entrepreneurs.

17. Incomediary – Twitter: @IncomeDiary

Micheal Dunlop may be one of the more famous bloggers on this list. He originally started the blog Retireat21 and went on to create IncomeDiary where we talks about entrepreneurship and making money online. If your starting out online you will find a ton of great resources and also lots of inspiration to get to the next level.

18. The Skool of Life – Twitter: @Skoolofllife

Srinivas Rao loves to surf and started his blog after business school because he had no ob lined up. The skool of life will give you some great advice on personal development and blogging taken directly from Srinivas’s own experiences.

19. JuniorBiz – Twitter: @Juniorbiz

Founded by Nick Tart with the mission to help young people start businesses, Juniorbiz has become a great resource for all entrepreneurs. With ideas, resources and interviews you should always find something to learn from and inspire you here.

20. Brand Yourself – Twitter: @BrandYourself

A great blog to learn about personal branding and development. The site is updated frequently and will help you better understand how to manage your appearance in this cluttered online world.

21. Young Upstarts – Twitter: @youngupstarts

Young Upstarts focuses on small business stories, entrepreneurship, social causes and ideas that will make the world a better place.  You will find lots of inspiration here with all of the young entrepreneurs and their businesses being highlighted.

22. GenJuice – Twitter: @GenJuice

GenJuice is the place for motivated young adults. With a passionate team behind the site it is developing into a leading content source and spokeperson for today’s young adults.

23. The 9to5 Alternative – Twitter: @alanperlman

Here you will find ideas and tips on goal setting and how to use it in business and travel. Alan Perlman wants to help you achieve more in life and hopefully through his writing you will find ways to do that.

24. Almost Fearless – Twitter: @AlmostFearless

Christine Gilbert made the leap from fortune 500 company to traveler and entrepreneur. Through her blog you will learn about the realities of taking that leap and hopefully how to do it without hitting to many bumps in the road.

25. Kyle Lacy – Twitter: @Kyleplacy

Kyle is an expert on social media, productivity, marketing and innovation. Through his blog you will find regular updates on these topics and will surely increase your skills and knowledge in the business world.

26. The Future Buzz – Twitter: @TheFutureBuzz

Adam Singers blog has been recognized all over the world as a go to spot for web marketing and pr strategies. The blog will help you better understand how to create online buzz about your projects and will help get you to the next level in business.

27. Viperchill – Twitter: @ViperChill

Glen Allsopp has built a strong following around his teachings of online marketing and social media. If you want to learn how to convert more sales online this blog will help show you various ways to improve and strengthen your sales.

28. Jun Loayza - Twitter @JunLoayza

Jun’s blog does not talk about selling your company for millions. Instead he likes to talk about the journey to getting there and all of the bumps  in the road you will face. You will find him talking about balancing startups, family and relationships all while striving to get to the next level.

29. Modite – Twitter: @modite

Rebecca Thorman says that starting her blog was the most important career decision she has made. Her blog talks about careers, social media, gen y, business and more plus it has been featured in places like the New York Time an The Wall Street Journal.

30. Blogcastfm – Twitter: @Blogcastfm

An emerging resource for new bloggers and people who want to improve their blogs. Three times a week interviews are recorded with some of the best bloggers in the world to get their insights and tips into creating a great online resource.

Who else should be listed here?

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  • http://www.makemoneyonlineng.com Adesoji Adegbulu

    Oni o…. Oni… Good work bro…

    You are always breaking records… :)

    Love from http://www.makemoneyonlineng.com

  • http://www.collegeinfogeek.com Thomas Frank

    Good to see Blogussion here!

  • http://ryanstephensmarketing.com/blog/ ryanstephens

    Wow. Thanks so much for including me on this guys. I’m humbled to be included among some really smart people. I’m familiar with most of these people/blogs, but anxious to get acquainted with the ones I’ve yet to check out.

    Coincidentally, the comment I tried to leave on the influential 20 list the other day was about highlighting some the up-and-comers or bloggers we should be keeping an eye on in the future.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this resource together.

  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is really a cool list and I can testify to the awesomeness of almost every one on this list – I know and follow almost all of them and they truly know what they’re doing.

    It’s really an honor to be featured on this list – It has been my dream to be featured on Under30CEO and I’m so happy to see this come true.

    Thanks so much and keep up the awesomeness,

  • http://www.dailytut.com/ Robin

    Great and inspiring. :) Nice work team. Cheers.


  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    Aha bro, it is your awesome support that makes it possible :)

  • http://www.philz-corner.com Phil

    A nice list of some real cool bloggers here. Although I follow a few of them. But I will be checking out the others too! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://newevolutiondesigns.com/web-design-clients-from-cheers Tom

    Nice list!

  • http://Under30CEO.com Jared O’Toole

    Awesome…hope you find some new great ones to follow

  • http://Under30CEO.com Jared O’Toole

    Keep up the great work Onibalusi. Looking forward to seeing you site continue to grow into the future.

  • http://Under30CEO.com Jared O’Toole

    No problem Ryan your blog has some great stuff on it. Still no clue where that comment went but I guess some how we got the message!

  • Virgilia Singh

    Thanks for your constant love and support Jared & Matt!

    GenJuice Team

  • http://benjaminlang.com Ben Lang

    What an awesome list! Thanks so much for including EpicLaunch, truly honored. Keep rocking @under30ceo

  • http://reworkingtoday.com/ Derek Jensen

    Agreed! :)

    Jared, just to let you know Blogussion is coming out with a new design later this month and I’m officially the second partner to Alex on Blogussion.

  • http://pursuingourpassion.com Jill Felska

    Great list full of some great minds!

  • Ricardo jimenez

    I´m only missing http://www.apolloideas.com, Jeff Brenman´s presentation consulting and design firm.
    Check it out if it doesnt sound familiar and let me know your thoughts.

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  • http://www.goalsontrack.com Harry @ GoalsOnTrack

    Great list!!!

  • http://www.jgdaily.com Jon Gluck

    Awesome list! If you don’t mind me adding: http://www.jgDaily.com | A Daily Blog For Entrepreneurs By One Of Their Own!

  • http://twitter.com/SecretsOfEntrep EntrepreneurSecrets

    Great list guys! I’m so happy to see Youngprepro on the list.

  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    Aha, thanks so much Sam! I really appreciate it!

  • http://www.online-business-virtual-assistant.com/ Virtual office assistant

    I loved reading this post. Very inspiring! It’s great to know that so many of people made it so big, it’s stories like these that motivate people to do so much better in life and gives a lesson to never give up. Thank you so much for sharing this! And hats off to all these people.

  • http://shesafitchick.com Jennifer

    I think Pursuingourpassion.com should be listed here! @chipassionistas. Those two girls have inspired SO many, they have such a young, fresh, and exciting outlook on being an entrepreneur.

  • http://www.smallhandsbigideas.com Grace Boyle

    Totally awesome list. I loved sharing this one.

    Thanks for including me and Small Hands, Big Ideas. Stoked to be one of the women up there too amongst the greats.

  • Kenneth Lee

    Great list.

    A Singaporean blog made the cut. Amazing!

    Kenneth Lee

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  • Anonymous

    I love this list! GenJuice, in particular, is one of my favorites :) You should have added http://www.prettyyoungprofessional.com, for spot-on career advice for young women!

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  • http://web-marketeur.fr/ Ling-en Hsia

    Thank you.
    This list is just great!

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  • Haveyoucheckedthelist

    I think The LI$T, a college advice blog about real world advice, should be added on here.  They cover that real world information like, how often should I check my credit report?  What’s the right credit card for me?  What does graduate school mean to you?  It’s a great blog.  The LI$T  http://www.addittoyourlist.com

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  • http://2012peoplelikethis.com/ 2012PeopleLikeThis_com

    Great selection.. I personally follow at least 3 of them !!