big brandsAttracting big brands is an art and science. In the new economy, big brands are finally realizing that they have to keep their finger on the pulse of what their customers are paying attention to and doing. Their best ally is a smaller company that has the agility to quickly develop the content, services, and products that address the needs of a target market.

Partnering with big brands is an excellent way to take your company’s clout to the next level and increase your fees. However, to whom much is given much is expected. There are 4 important things you must do if partnering with big brands is on your list of goals.

Demonstrate capability

Big brands look for smaller companies that can help them achieve their goals. Most big brands choose to work with smaller brands because of something the smaller brand can do that the big brand’s size or resources won’t allow. The big brands want to leverage your company’s capabilities, and they want to be confident in their decision. They want to see tangible indicators of your company’s ability to create results. Use testimonials, case studies, and other means of social proof to increase your perception as the elite entity in your industry or niche.

Offer metrics

Big brands are obsessed with outcomes. The layers of bureaucracy in a big company require that results be communicated in easy to understand numbers and outcomes. Create a set of metrics that communicate how competent your company is. Develop specific measures of success that allow a big brand to understand how progress is obtained and measured. Avoid jargon in favor of simple, meaningful statistics.

Meet a need

Consider the market you reach that big brands could reach more effectively through you. One of the greatest challenges facing big brands in the digital era is tapping into niche markets. If you’re reaching thousands of moms who love motorcycles, consider pitching Harley Davidson or a high end leather manufacturer on how they can reach your group. If you’ve gotten exceptional conversion rates with doctors who play golf, consider pitching to luxury brands that want to reach this discriminating demographic. Find ways to bridge the gap for big brands by extending your services or products. Even if you have to design a program specifically for big brands, find a way to meet a specific need.

Create hype

This flies in the face of everything I believe about businesses and how they succeed in the long run, but hype is a powerful advantage for a small company. Big brands are notorious for not hopping on a trend until everyone else does. Lure them in by positioning yourself as the go-to company in your field. Don’t be afraid to brag about how awesome you are. Hype is a great sales tool that creates a magnetic luster that big brands love. Create the hype, and exceed the hyper once you’ve closed the deal.

Use these tips for leveraging your brand to attract bigger clients and brands. Think creatively about the possibilities of partnership and make yourself an irresistible magnet to bigger clients.

Lisa Nicole Bell is an award winning filmmaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. She’s the CEO of Inspired Life Media Group where she and her team create “media with a message™”. Learn more about Lisa and her current projects at