The business world can be extremely tough and unwavering. In business, feelings don’t matter and dreams can be squashed in minutes. This interesting minefield that we call the business world has created a plethora of innovative companies that are constantly changing to ensure that they are not left behind. By analyzing the most successful businesses, you find that certain decisions had to be made to ensure a company’s rise to the top of their respective industry.  We’ve chosen few key business moves for various companies that took guts to implement.


Google Releasing the Chromecast

Google is no stranger to bold business moves meant to shake up entire industries. With the release of the Chromecast, Google is showing that with relative ease, the television market can be disrupted. At only $35, this device simply plugs into an open HDMI port on your TV. Once installed, the Chromecast gives you direct access to a variety of online services like Netflix, Youtube and more. Google also allows you to stream content from any number of mobile devices to your TV with the click of a button. It was a bold move to release such a revolutionary product at only $35, and cable monopolies around the country are likely terrified of this little device, and the market shift that it brings to everyone’s living room.


Republic Wireless & Wifi Calling on your Cell Phone

Republic Wireless is an entirely new type of cell phone company. By developing technology that allows cell phones to place calls on both a standard wireless network as well as a cellular network, they have been able to offer low price cell plans with no contract. With plans starting at only $5 per month, Republic Wireless is undoubtedly trying to “stick it” to the huge cell phone companies. While reviews were initially mixed, in November 2013, Republic Wireless released a new Android phone, the Moto X, that has seen a huge amount of positive press. It’s hard to imagine never having to fear the awful contract cancellation fee but we must admit, we like the sound of it.


Netflix offering Original Content

It is hard to believe it but a few years ago, Netflix was nothing more than a mail order DVD service. As more and more people began to want their content available on demand from their computers and mobile devices, Netflix was wise to begin offering much of their content online.  However, much of their success of late is due to their move to offer original content to their subscribers. Shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards have developed a strong following and have allowed Netflix to grow their customer base. Producing their own content seemed ridiculous at first, but Netflix has proven that this bold move was a good one. And seeing as how Netflix releases episodes all at once, make sure you have plenty of popcorn ready because the binge-watching is inevitable.


Amazon offering Grocery Delivery

While growing their behemoth of an online business, Amazon has been quietly testing out a grocery delivery service to large cities around the country. With their rock-solid infrastructure, Amazon is convinced that they can consistently deliver perishable and nonperishable food products to large cities across the country. Amazon is convinced that if they can deliver your groceries, you are likely to also order other items with higher profit margins. Not having to lug grocery bags for ten blocks after being at work for twelve hours? This is our fantasy finally becoming reality for us city-dwellers.

T Mobile no contract

T-Mobile to Pay Early Termination Fees

Over the past several years, T-Mobile has made a name for themselves by shaking up the cell phone market. In the past few months, they have launched ad campaigns offering to pay early termination fees for customers coming from other cell phone providers.  It is hard to believe, but T-Mobile will pay ETF’s for up to five family members.  At $350 per ETF, that is up to $1750 saved just by making the switch to T-Mobile.

There is no telling what bold moves businesses will take in 2014, but there is no doubt that companies are willing to do almost anything to survive in this ever-changing economy.

Written by the editors at Fueled.  We develop iPhone and Android apps.

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