6 Steps to Market Your Small Business and Aim for A Big Budget : Under30CEO 6 Steps to Market Your Small Business and Aim for A Big Budget : Under30CEO
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6 Steps to Market Your Small Business and Aim for A Big Budget

| April 23, 2013 | 6 Comments

Marketing Your Small BusinessWhat do you mean by good marketing? Good marketing is something beyond the logo and a solid foundation for the business. It includes emblem for creating the brand, which can relate the showcase of business as being experts in their respective fields.

However, implementing marketing tips to promote the small business in these ways is difficult due to small budgets, decreased start up costs or limited networking abilities. This indicates that the small business needs to be more creative in their marketing approaches by finding new ways of promotion.

Check out these exciting 6 tips to market your small business and aim for a big budget:

1. Having a Unique Business Card

Yes, business cards are an essential part of business marketing and network. Even in today’s age, with the fusion of modern technology, a business card has no replacement. You need to choose a unique business card, to make yourself and your business memorable to potential clients, vendors and industry leaders. To help your business card look professional and stand apart, it is advisable to choose creative business cards, with different colors and design.

2. Try Hosting an Event

At times, just attending marketing events are not enough to promote your business. If you want to portray yourself as an expert in your niche and creatively market your company then it is good to host an event. By hosting an event, you can meet several clients and industry professionals while extending the invitations to the network.

3. Put Emphasis on Content Marketing

This is another way to market your brand/ company/small business. You need to focus on the content surrounding or highlighting your company. This indicates the writing of guest blogs, blogs, articles, and even writing industry magazines. This helps to creatively market the product, industry education and business by being cost effective. Many people look at the internet to research knowledgeable companies and by emphasizing the content marketing, you can easily market the brand according to the specific demographic.

4. Better to Utilize Social Media

This is the newest trend of social marketing to establish the presence and following the social sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. You can use them together to promote and market the small business. Bright side of the site is that, this type of creative marketing allows you to have a finger on the pulse of your clients, as it is a successful approach towards marketing and professionalism.

5. Create a Brand and Not Just a Logo

Small business success does not go beyond the logo. It includes the creative marketing that creates brand awareness. Branding is an essence of business success as it is able to create a persona and connects the client with a personal attachment. With the effective use of social media marketing starting the organization or hosting the event are unique ways to offer business cards as well as some informational content. This proves you as an expert in your niche and soon your small business will see success.

6. Better to Invest In Mobile Advertising

Ads in magazines or purchasing the billboard space at times are expensive and it becomes quickly outdated. If you go for long-term investments, which are going to display your company to multiple people during the day, then vinyl wrap will be suitable for you. Mobile connections help to connect people wherever you go, and it is cost effective for your business.

If you are aiming to make your small business take giant leaps, then follow these six simple marketing rules to become the next business giant.

Roger Wilson is a small business owner and a well-established entrepreneur of the digital world. He outsources his customer support to BPO service providers in USA and gets profitable results.

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  • http://www.callboxinc.co.uk/ Hannah Hamilton

    I think small business can possibly grow upon embracing these tips. In order to land success it requires all the possible strength you have. Blogs, advertisement, attachment, hosting etc. are possible doings for lifting up. But when you gain a lot of inquiries what is important is your service quality. And always go with the flow upon the modern technology nowadays.

  • http://www.callbox.com.my/ Christine Steffensen

    An integration of traditional and modern marketing.Nice concept. Being visible both in social media as well as in physical aspects like marketing events will likely gain more connections to other companies. These few tips above had definitely taught me a great marketing strategy. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/briellaarion Melissa Krivachek

    Roger beyond the 6 things mentioned in this article it is important to include the sales funnel and customer service aspect of businesses. I love that tip one addresses the unique business card issue. A business card should serve your customers and compel them to want to recommend you. It should not be a traditional 3.5×2.5, after all who wants to be stuck in the pile with all of the rest never to be used or seen again cards. A event big or small is a lot of work and while their will always things overlooked it’s a great way to build brand visibility and credibility. Holding events myself multiple times a year it’s important to map out the process before hand to maximize the guest’s experience. I love the other 3 tips you mention as well! Great content in simple format. Looking forward to reading more articles from you soon.

  • Toby Crbtree

    Great points discussed. Marketing is considered the most important criteria for running a business. Marketing can indeed be fun if you take advantage of communicating with your customers well. The key for a successful business is getting marketing approach correctly.

  • Moumita Dasgupta

    Melissa it was great advice yes customer service and sales funnel are also important to market a small business effectively. whatever may be the size of the business making the brand visible we have to take care of the customers- as customer is the king….

  • Moumita Dasgupta

    Hannah its true if marketers follow these 6 tips in the right way and implement surely can reap greater success. and to add Roger has beautifully identified the right methods and shared them here with us…thanks to him…