There are sooooo many 2013 SXSW sessions to vote for and voting for the interactive sessions ends on the 31st of this month (aka tomorrow)!

At the publishing of this post, there are over 3,600 interactive sessions to vote for in hopes that they will be selected for the upcoming 2013 SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas. If you are like most people, the sheer volume of potential sessions has led you to experience an extreme case of voting paralysis.

Never fear, the panel-picking doctor is here! While YOU DON’T have time to rummage through all 3,600+ panels, I DO and I DID!

Listed below are seven sessions for entrepreneurs that will cure your voting paralysis. Check them out, vote for them, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

1. Getting to 1 Million Dollars in Revenue (Vote)

Description: This session will teach you how to build a real business that makes money while not giving too much equity to investors. Each speaker has bootstrapped several startups to millions in revenue and raised millions in the process.

Speakers: Joshua Baer of Capital Factory and Jason Cohen of WP Engine

2. Mosh Pit of Experts: The Future of Social (Vote)

Description: In this session, the audience is in the hot seat as the experts on the future of social. How will big companies evolve? What about the little ones? What kinds of businesses will need to be created? How will it all impact business as we know it? The insights from the executives, founders, consultants and employees in the audience are sure to be eye opening.

Speakers: Sean McDonald of Ant’s Eye View and Sam Decker of Mass Relevance

3. Finding Your Place in an Amazing Startup Community (Vote)

Description: Silicon Valley and New York do not have the corner on the startup market; as you read this, startup communities around the world are growing. This panel will share what makes a strong startup community and what you can do to help further strengthen it.

Speakers: Charlie Wood of Spanning, Brad Feld of Foundry Group, David Cohen of TechStars, and Mike Dodd of AustinVentures

4. Let’s Incubate – Ways to Lend a Helping Hand (Vote)

Description: This session will give you an overview of each business incubation model (traditional, co-working, social, etc) including the advantages and limitations of each in an effort to equip you with the knowledge you need to select the correct program for your startup.

Speakers: Dan Pernik of Zaplings, Joshua Baer of Capital factory, Jessica Livingston of YCombinator, and Katie King of sxsw

5. Startup Accelerators: To DO Or Not To DO? (Vote)

Description: Tim Falls will share his experience with SendGrid from identifying the need in the market to his acceptance into TechStars and beyond. In this session, Tim is focused on sharing the good, the bad and the uncertain with accelerators as well as how to get into one.

Speakers: Tim Falls of SendGrid

6. The Non-Startup Startup (Vote)

Description: In this panel, Nest Founder Matt Rogers and KPCB Partner and Nest board member Randy Komisar will cover what they learned operating Nest in stealth mode. From product creation and recruiting to marketing and branding, they will share the powerful impact remaining stealth had on their business.

Speakers: Matt Rogers of Nest Labs and Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB)

7. Holy Sh*#… I’ve Raised $50M… Now What!? (Vote)

Description: In this session,’s 27 year-old Founder & CEO, Matt Lauzon, will share candid insights into his experience raising over $50M for a company he began in his dorm. In his talk, he will cover scaling challenges, his experience managing multiple VCs, how his role as CEO has changed, and so much more.

Speakers: Matt Lauzon of

Are you a panel-picking doctor with a second opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by William Griggs, a startup strategist who helps startups with their product, marketing, and fundraising strategies. You can find more about him at or follow him on Twitter @TSSUpdates.