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8 Websites To Submit Your Startup To For Free Publicity

| August 3, 2013 | 17 Comments


Launching a startup isn’t easy. There are countless things to do and one of the biggest jobs is to try and get press coverage in a time when mainstream sites, bloggers and journalists are already being bombarded with pitches.

Therefore, a great way to get that traction is to get in touch with those blogs that simply love covering exciting new companies. Awesome concepts can go viral which is every entrepreneurs dream.

Here are 8 free websites that you can submit your startup to for free and have a decent chance of actually being covered.

1) AppVita

AppVita is a quality site that has been reviewing cloud apps since 2008. If accepted, you’ll get a very useful, thorough write-up.

2) The Startup Pitch

I’ve had quality startups published here within 24 hours. The site doesn’t publish pitches from low quality sites such as those that just contain affiliate links, making it a good quality resource.

3) Listio

Listio’s lists rank well in search engines when people look for lists of things. Therefore, make sure you’re seen by submitting to your category.

4) Launching Next

A fairly new blog but they’ve got a unique way of showcasing the most promising new startups. A quick submission process means that this should be on your startup submission list.

5) The Startup Project

In addition to startup reviews, they also conduct startup interviews, which will help get you even more exposure. The website is run by investment firm Scalable Ventures so there might even be the chance of catching the eye of an angel!

6) Leanstack

Leanstack primarily cover cloud services for developers so if your startup fits this niche, make sure you submit here. Leanstack also send the best resources to their extensive email list so if covered, you might get a nice sudden influx of traffic.

7) Ziipa

Ziipa lists a ton of web and mobile apps. To submit, you just need to share your URL so it’s well worth being added to their database.

8) NetWebApp

And finally, it’s worth submitting to NetWebApp, which is a directory of web 2.0 websites. The site attracts a number of regular high-quality submissions in almost every niche you can think of.

I’ve intentionally omitted some of the most well known names such as KillerStartups as the chance of getting coverage with their free option is around a puny 5%. But heck, if you’ve got the time, contact every startup blog out there!

And if you have the budget, you should also consider the paid option that some startup blogs offer. However, make sure they actually have an audience before taking this up.

In addition to press, links and all that other good stuff, some of the exhaustive submission forms will really help you evaluate your competitive position, refine your elevator pitch and more. All in all, it’s a win-win situation so get submitting!

Sean Singh is the CEO of SubmitYourStartup.com that expertly submits your site or app to over 30 awesome websites.

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  • Tyson Hartnett

    I like this. Definitely going to use some of these. And these are all free?

  • Liton Biswas

    Good information. It’ll certainly help startup.

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  • Mike Darche

    Nice thinking Sean. I never knew about most of these sites–tech startups in particular can definitely benefit from these.

  • Gowtham ck

    Topecommercestartups.com is free and will get listed in 48hrs as by itself is a startup, good on a longer run.

  • http://www.twoodo.com/ Andrea Francis

    SUPER helpful for my team, thanks for the compilation!

  • Matthew Rowell

    Guys You Might Want To Check Out theupmagazine.com/register to upload a story for free about your startup too

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  • Deb Ricci

    Thank you for the information.

  • Olga Bukur

    We just launched our platform and were looking for ways to be mentioned on some of the tech. related website. This list comes very timely, since it is not always easy to capture attention of industry heavy-weights. Thank you very much!

  • MindCron

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    Here’s another list I created which has over 80+ websites listed with the direct submission link http://rumblinglankan.com/2216/submit-your-startup/

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