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A Generation of No Excuses

| July 11, 2011 | 4 Comments

no excusesAs the children of baby-boomers, we have all heard the stories of the preceding generation that worked hard. They walked miles through the snow to get to work and school. They had to actually go to the library and rent books to learn. They were the generation that didn’t have what we have.

Decades later, the offspring of the baby boomers live in a world of constant connectivity, real-time communication, and most importantly, an abundant amount of affordable and readily-available resources. We can actually achieve the dreams that our preceding generations couldn’t always grasp. This is especially true for those individuals who have entrepreneurial dreams.

If you have any sort of dream or aspiration to build a product or service of consequential value, now is the time to do it. The time is not tomorrow, not later today, but now. The longer you wait, the farther away your dream will be. Many people will advocate that getting “real-world” experience is beneficial to starting a business. While this argument has some points of merit, I think that most entrepreneurs will tell you that you will learn the majority of all the lessons when you actually do it. There couldn’t be a better time to strive for value creation, creativity, and yes, financial independence.

Can all the aspiring entrepreneurs please stand up?

Regardless of what area of expertise or interest your entrepreneurial hopes lie in, you will have a plethora of resources, tools and individuals who can help guide you in the right direction. If your area of expertise or interest exists in web technology or the internet space, then this is absolutely the best time to start a company. No questions asked. The variety of resources that you have at your finger tips can allow you to learn, test, build and test your ideas quickly and cheaply.

We have no excuses for why we can’t try to start a business. I have taken the leap and I encourage you to as well, if you have ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur. By no means is this any guarantee that you will succeed. However, we all have the ability to try. Recent examples of big entrepreneurial successes are present everywhere you look, from the online world with examples like Facebook and Groupon, to offline examples like Airbnb and Zipcar

If you have some form of hesitation, reluctance or doubt, I hope that this post serves as a wake-up call to take action. Now is the time. You won’t begin learning until you actually do something. With that being said, get up and get going. If you need help or have any questions, email me and I will try to help point you in the right direction. Mark {at} inputladder {dot} com. I wish you the best of luck.


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  • http://www.habitformingsuccess.com Angela C.

    I love the phrase “a generation of no excuses.” It’s so true – there are more opportunities for 20′s and 30′s somethings than there ever were for our baby boomer parents. We can choose to take advantage of all that’s out there for us and follow our passions or settle for comfort and stability. It’s a hard decision because both sides have their positive aspects and of course, drawbacks. But for those entrepreneurial-type people, why not just go for it? You have the resources, the mentors to get in touch with and the “okay” by so many who have gone before you to just GO!

    Angela :)

  • http://www.thinkspace.com Kristin Eide

    So true. We have access to the world at our fingertips. However, our generation also has a huge attention span issue. For the pre-entrepreneurs who have the focus, motivation, and passion to execute their idea- my hats off to you!

  • http://www.online-business-virtual-assistant.com/ Virtual Business Assistant

     There is no doubt that the internet has forever changed the world in which we live. So it can only be expected that it would change the way we sell and marketing our businesses globally. And Yes there are more opportunities to young people to come up with new business ideas.

  • Matt G.

    Great article! My wife and I started selling iPad stands on Etsy about a year ago. We had no business plan or anything, just took it one step at a time. Now It has turned into a nice little side business. Take the leap!