Under30CEO has always been about helping young entrepreneurs and young people in general succeed in life & in business. During the last few years we have tried to improve the content and the resources we provide to get more people to where they want to be. It’s a tough and different road for everyone but many times it only takes a little motivation or that right resource to get over the hump.

We realize that not every 22 year old is going to start a business, actually the vast majority of them won’t. So we wanted to find a way to reach more young people who may not want to start a business but will face just as many challenges in finding success in life. For this reason we are proud and excited to announce the launch of Under30Careers.com & Under30Finance.com as part of Under30Media.

Under30Finance will focus on personal finance for 20-somethings. We hope to make personal finance fun & easy so you can get the most out of your money and still have some fun. We’ve had a personal finance column on Under30CEO  but we will be able to go much more in depth on it’s own platform.

Under30Careers will focus on career growth and job search for 20-somethings. We want to make that search for the perfect position easier and highlight great job opportunities for 20-somethings at the same time. Even with the job markets shaky there are plenty of opportunities out there, you just have to find them!

We hope you take a minute to check out the new platforms. If you’re interested in one or both of the new topics give them a follow below!


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Daily Newsletter



Thanks as always for following Under30CEO the past few years. We will be pushing Under30CEO forward and making some improvements this fall with the content and resources we provide. It’s an exciting time here!

Thanks everyone

Jared & Matt


With the new platforms comes new guest writing opportunities. If you feel you can contribute to career and/or personal finance advice email Jared(at)under30ceo.com and he can set you up.

Want to work at Under30Media? We are currently looking for an editor in the NYC area. It is part-time but the right person should be interested in it becoming a full-time position shortly. You must be able to meet in NYC. Email Jared(at)under30ceo.com with a quick note and he can send you the full description.