The ways leadership affects an organization’s culture, community, sales, and overall growth has been a topic debated for about as long as there have been organizations to have these debates.  One of the more recent topics on which there has been a lot of speculation is how a CEO’s adoption of social media affects their organization’s use of social media itself.

IBM’s recent study was one of the largest to tackle the topic – surveying 1,709 CEOs on their use of social media.  One of the high level takeaways from the survey as that a shockingly small percentage, 16%, actually use social media!

While IBM doesn’t share the age range or maturity of the companies or the CEO’s in question, they do share the big picture implications of having a socially adept CEO.  The question raised by these findings is whether use of social media itself provides an advantage, or if this use is simply an indicator of individuals with more progressive mindsets prepared to embrace open culture and modern technology.

But – it is something we want to find out!  We’re hoping to look at how companies’ leadership adoption of social media affects social media use throughout the company itself.  While we certainly believe those who understand and embrace social media will be more likely to empower their organizations and employees themselves, we’d like to see to what extent that happens and how it affects the bottom line.

For that we’re rolling out a very simple social CEO survey.  It’s 7 questions, and will take less than a minute!  We’d love to have you contribute your voice to the survey.  Once the survey concludes, we’ll publish the findings and a summary here on Under30CEO!