cameron heroldI must admit I always struggled with writing down what the core values for my company BackPocket COO would be.  In fact, I found it easier to put them in place for companies I’ve built in the past because I had teams of people.  Now my company is me, and some awesome virtual people doing design, research, assistance, SEM, writing, etc.

A few months ago after helping a client’s company nail their core values I was on a flight home, and I realized the core values for my company were already inside me, I just had to close my eyes, and feel them.  Then in a rush, they came out:

Do What You Love – Be Authentic – Deliver What You Promise – Balance Is Key

Once I scribbled them down, I knew they were right.  They were values I already lived by and felt energized by.  They fit like my Saturday comfy hangover jeans and sweatshirt do.

Do What You Love – is based on the concept of Unique Ability by Dan Sullivan.  Coaching, Mentoring & Speaking are fun for me.  I’m great at them.  I get energized doing them.  And others get energy watching me.  I love em.  And I’d do them for free – but my kids like to eat.

Be Authentic – It drives me nuts when people put on a game face, or a professional voice etc. I’ve always found that when people are REALLY themselves, they resonate with everyone around them.  My energy vibrates when I’m being me.  I become a magnet, and I know it.  When I wear what I want, say what I mean, and let my vulnerabilities out, others are attracted to me – and I am to them.  It feels great being me.  Besides, I might as well be myself, everyone else is taken.

Deliver What You Promise – Period.  Nuff said.  If I need to explain this one – ummm, we can’t be friends.

Balance Is Key – I get one life.  And I’m not going to live it working 65 hour weeks any more.  I once did 117 hours in a week and wore it like a badge of honor.  What an ass I was back then.  Now I try to live by a couple mantras:  1) Remain Interested to Remain Interesting (thanks Jillian Dixon Boxer) and 2) The Lazy Entrepreneur (thanks Dave Feller).  I know ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ but damn it, I do to…

What are your core values ?

Tennis anyone ?

Cameron Herold is the founder of and former COO of 1-800-Got-Junk?. You can follow him on twitter @cameronherold and visit to get his new book to double your revenue and profit in less than 3 years.