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Benefits of Meditation for a Hustling Entrepreneur

| October 2, 2013 | 23 Comments

Over the past few years, the practices of meditation have become more mainstream and have been gaining more attention from the media. Meditation allows people to understand more about themselves while entering a zen-like state. I personally believe that meditation is of mass importance to the health and success of any entrepreneur.

1)   Shutting Off the Mind

As main entrepreneurs know, it can be challenging to shut off your mind. Your mind is constantly thinking of ways to improve your business and generate more sales, making it difficult to turn off. The truth is, you need to rest your mind. When you are constantly generating thoughts on a particular subject, your mind begins to wander and think more. If you tend to let your mind stay focused on a single subject, you will end up thinking of both the positives and negatives of the subject. By giving attention to the negatives, you are in turn attracting more negativity into your life. This is why meditation is so important. Taking the time to shut down your mind and allowing there to be no thought is the first start to truly attracting the things you desire in life.

2)   Releasing Negativity

As an entrepreneur, there are many times where your mind can get stuck on a negative event or experience. This negativity has the ability to spread beyond yourself and eventually, the entire company. If thought about too much, it can turn ugly very quickly for you and for your company. Meditation allows you to stray away from the negative thinking by shutting off your thoughts for a period of time. As you calm the mind and breathing deeply, the world feels like it becomes still and you are centered in yourself. For an entrepreneur who is always on the hustle, taking 5 to 10 minutes for meditation can uplift your spirit significantly.

3)   Manifesting Stronger into Life

Meditation helps create a stronger connect between you and the powers of the Universe. Many people, especially those entrepreneurs creating success, are now coming to (or do) understand that the “Law of Attraction” is a very real and powerful tool and the ‘ability to create your own reality’ can be grasped by anyone. Meditation can help focus your thinking on what you truly wish to create and can help you manifest your desires into reality. With the proper use of meditation, more inner peace can be achieved and you can attract greatness into your life at a faster speed.

4)   Tapping into Your Intuition

Undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of meditation is the ability to tap into your intuition or your “other self.” The subconscious and our intuition are both powerful tools of understanding your higher mind and once you begin to understand these, you will have a much easier time creating your own reality. The benefit of meditation is that it allows you to tap into these tools and utilize them to your benefit daily. Simply by allowing yourself to relax and get into a meditative state, any questions that you have can be answered.

5)   Visualizing Success

Visualization is one of the most important tools any entrepreneur can practice from the mentality standpoint. Many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs have been known to practice positive visualization techniques and have claimed they are extremely beneficial. Visualization has several different benefits. First off, by visualizing where you want to be, you will in turn gain more motivation and drive to push yourself there. Also, if you want to dive deeper into the subject, thoughts create vibrations and those vibrations, in turn, affect your position in the universe. So by using visualization as a tool, you are beginning to help yourself move into a better state of being.

With the correct balance between hard work and meditation, anything becomes possible. I have personally experienced this fact myself. When you begin to meditate on a regular basis, you find yourself in a sort of positive flow that cannot be stopped. I encourage you all to spare at least 10 minutes of your day to meditate and visualize your dreams.

Michael Austin Jacobs is a Success Coach and Mind Trainer with a passion for helping others succeed. He works with his students to help them remove limiting beliefs and develop positive habits to create massive success at high speeds. If you would like to learn more about how meditation and visualization can help you succeed in life and business, reach out to Michael on Twitter (@MrJacobs21) or Facebook. He loves meeting new people!

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  • treptalks

    If nothing else, you get to 9ar atleast try to) shut off your mind for a little,

  • Tyson Hartnett

    Great article. I love how all the entrepreneurs are saying meditation is such a huge tool now, and it’s becoming less taboo

  • Angela

    Great article! I have been meditating for a little over a year now and I feel as though it has made a huge impact on not only my career but also my personal life. Thanks for Sharing!

  • Michael Jacobs

    Thank you Angela :)

  • Michael Jacobs

    Thanks Tyson :) I learned about meditation while in India last summer and it’s been the most beneficial tool to my life!

  • Michael Jacobs

    Exactly! So powerful!

  • Erin

    For visualizing success, I highly recommend Andrew Johnson’s meditation apps on iTunes. They are sooo effective and I credit a lot of my success as a freelancer to them.

  • Belinda Summers

    It’s great to have some time for recreation. It’s about bringing back your body and mind to be in condition. This really helps in boosting up productivity. :)

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  • Tyson Hartnett

    Michael, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about India. Did you go with a group or solo?

  • Chris Taylor

    Michael, really loved this! Do you have any recommended methods of meditation? I’m sure there are tons out there, but are there certain websites that you like better than others? Thanks!

  • Ravi Mikkelsen

    Hi Michael, great article. I grew up meditating off and on and have really only made it into a daily practice in the past few years. On those mornings when I hit the keyboard before my prayer mat, my inner-keel is off and I definitely do not perform at the same level as those days when I start my day in meditation. 100% essential to my success (and survival) as an entrepreneur! I’ve shared it with some of my friends and colleagues down here in Silicon Valley and some of those are still meditating as well.

  • Michael Jacobs

    I went with a group from school, but ended up doing a lot of my own personal adventures. It’s a BEAUTIFUL country :)

  • Michael Jacobs

    Thank you Ravi :) So glad to hear that! Meditation is essential in my life as well. I don’t do anything before I meditate in the morning or my whole day could be off! Let’s connect on Twitter – @MrJacobs21

  • Michael Jacobs

    Hey Chris! Great question. Honestly, it all depends on what is comfortable for you :) My best recommendation to get started meditating in to either a) head over to YouTube and check out “Spirit Science 8 – Meditation” or b) check out the app called “Headspace”! Both are great references and can help a lot.

  • Michael Jacobs

    very true :) Glad you agree!

  • Michael Jacobs

    I’ll check them out Erin, thanks for the recommendation!

  • Tyson Hartnett

    I heard it can get really dirty though, did you have that experience?

  • Michael Jacobs

    Yes haha but you’ve got to push yourself outside your limits!

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  • Ashok Kumar

    Merely closing of physical eyes is not meditation. It is upon opening of the Divine Eye that the process of Meditation begins.

    Meditation is neither practicing certain yogic or breathing exercises, nor is it imagination and contemplation by mere closing of eyes, nor does it mean to gaze at some external object, or deep analysis through our limited intellects.

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