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Best Holiday Promotion Ideas Ever

| December 16, 2009 | 19 Comments

The holidays are the perfect time for promotions and sales.  People are spending money left and right and it’s time to capitalize on that for your business, regardless if you are in retail or not.  Check out some of these ideas and add your own to enter our contest below.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Why not encourage customers to expand gift giving from one day to 12 days? This period called Christmastide actually expands to January 5, the day before the Feast of Epiphany.  Running after Christmas promotions and email campaigns surrounding this 12 day period could round up some more sales.  Don’t let customers get away with only giving gifts on the first day!

Fun Fact: The ever famous song is an English Roud from 1780.

Holiday Cards

If anything, you should take this holiday season to reconnect with customers, tap into your database and show them appreciation.  It is especially important when you are the face of your business, like a lawyer, consultant, or real estate broker.  Do something that will make yourself stand out or even better, take the time to hand-write your cards and add in a personal note.  The thought goes a long way! Stuffers

Get those retail items off the shelves and into the stockings by promoting them as “christmas stocking stuffers“.  Virtually anything can be stuffed into a stocking, including gift certificates or notes that said what you actually bought them if it doesn’t fit…The original stocking stuffer can be seen here from this 1880 picture of “Santa and His Works” by Thomas Nast.

Santa Claus at your business.

Want a Santa in your local store? No joke, call the Santa Claus Agency (949) 673-7707. Looking for Santas in New York?

Santa Richard Weissman from Beacon, NY 12508 or Santa Tom T from Staten Island, NY 10308


Gift Certificates

No matter what holiday you celebrate and no matter what business you are in, consider offering and/or giving away gift certificates.  Even if you don’t normally have products to sell, think about giving away an hour of your services for a flat rate or a membership package.  Gift certificates are win-win because the recipients get what they want and the buyer has to do very little work–they can even email the certificate for delivery!

Hold a Contest!

At Under30CEO we are giving away six free months of the Rock Star Business Series ($282 value) to three random commentors on this post.  Help us a build an amazing list of holiday promotions… Leave a comment on anything you want from “Have the Salvation Army ring their bell outside your business” to “Hold a holiday party for your customers” to “Have a comedian dress up and tell dirty Santa jokes”…

Be creative or use an example! Comment below.

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  • Kristina

    We are creating facebook photo albums of possible holiday packages, ranging form $1 stocking stuffers to outfits under $40. We also set up a list for people to put down a 'wish list'. This way they can send their family or husband in and the item is available for the giver to pick up! Lets make this easy!

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  • Shana Ray

    Taking the time to personally deliver gifts means a whole lot more than a generic card sent to your contacts… Works best if you are a small business that deals with other local businesses, but it is the idea and the extra effort that is rewarded.

  • tskaggs

    Offering a free service for volunteering at a local non-profit or soup kitchen. This helps so many people for that little time spent, plus the small business gets a client/customer out of it!

  • David

    I've married my new wife this Christmas. She's about the best I could ever receive.

    PS – I want that Rock Star Business Series so baddddddd ahhhh!

  • David – aka @threedot

    Great stuff as always folks – The holidays are a good time to show the altruistic side of your brand too – go do something visible in your community and invite your tribe to participate in that cause as well.

  • kevin mandeville

    At this time next year during the holiday season, my web design company, Bounce Web Solutions, will be putting on our first annual “Bounce's Big Give”. This is a contest that allows the general public to submit to us non-profit organizations, specifically startup non-profits, that are in desperate need of a web site to get their organization kick started. We will review all submissions and select one winner, announced at the end of December, for whom we will launch their website by the end of January. We hope that it will be a huge campaign that sparks community involvement, non-profit awareness, and allows us to give back in what we do best.

  • Suz

    I agree with @threedot. At IXiiV Records, we've recently released an updated newsletter to all fans/supporters/customers alerting them of a wonderful charity – Fighting For Futures. Through hosting shows and taking in donations (money, toys, school supplies) to help provide funding to children in less fortunate areas where their parents cannot afford to send them to school, FFF has already helped sponsor Chanty, a young girl from Cambodia, so she can go to school.
    IXiiV has teamed up with FFF and will be working on more project with them throughout the year.
    Already we have made our brand visible at a number of their shows throughout the NYC area and have received a lot of positive feedback as a brand people can rely on and trust, as we are spending time giving back to the community. It has given us great exposure and brought in new clients/prospects for new projects for us to work on in the coming year.

    To find out more about this great charity check out

  • Brian Garbisch

    I like the “After you've shopped for everyone else, get something for yourself this holiday season,” promotion. Sure, it's cliche, but it's still effective.

  • Andrew Hill

    If you're a home based person think of one of the most important people in your life, your mail carrier. They are some of the most important staff in our businesses because without them how would we ever receive half the junk and any of the products and catalogues and our subscriptions to Inc and books and other odds and ends we buy on and everything that makes us like going to check the mail?

    Myself especially, being in the Aquarium business I owe my Mailman a lot of thanks, so every year around this time I give him a card with a nice thank you inside it and a gift certificate to somewhere. Consider doing the same because for most of us, they are essential.

  • Jared O'Toole

    These are all some great ideas everyone!!! Let's keep them coming!

  • Jared O'Toole

    These are all some great ideas everyone!!! Let's keep them coming!

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  • Emmi Bances

    Really Really it was very inspiring and amazing….Just loved it…..CHeers!!!
    Cuba holidays

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  • Sandy5dougall

    Ugly Sweater Contest!

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