Bob Moul is a serial entrepreneur who has worked with several successful companies, including Boomi, which was sold to Dell. He’s now CEO of appRenisaince and President of Philly Startup Leaders. In my interview with Bob he talks about his journey as an entrepreneur, his experience selling to a big company, his efforts to build out the startup community in Philadelphia and provides his best advice to young entrepreneurs.

Here are the questions I asked:

1.) Tell me about your past and current ventures

2.) What was it like selling to a big company? Is there anything you would have done differently? Any advice you would give to an entrepreneur who’s beginning the sale process?

3.) Tell me more about Philly Startup Leaders. What are your objectives for the program and how do you think it can help the city of Philadelphia and the entrepreneurs who live there?

4.) Given all your experiences, is there one piece of advice you think would be particularly helpful to entrepreneurs who are listening?

Listen to the full interview:


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