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Budget-Friendly Ways to Give Back to the Community

| August 10, 2013 | 4 Comments

Giving Back

Giving back to the community is an excellent way for families or local businesses to support one another and play a role in bettering their surroundings. A limited budget doesn’t have to limit the involvement individuals have with their community.

When it comes to giving, time should really be the only constraint faced. There are a variety of ways people can volunteer to help the community and its inhabitants with little or no out-of-pocket expense. These are just a few examples of budget-friendly ways to give back to the community.

Walk or Run in a Charity Race.

It’s not necessary to be an athlete to participate in a fundraising race for a local or favorite charity. Most charity races offer the option to walk or run. Prior to participating, the individual must collect donations. Often this is done online with options for the participant to email friends or relatives and promote their participation through social media.

Donate to an Upscale Thrift Store.

Unused clothing and accessories that are collecting dust around the house can be donated to a chic thrift store that gives a percentage of their profit to charity. These shops can often be found through a specific charity organization or local hospital.

Host a Charity Barbecue with Friends.

Planning to have a backyard barbecue? Charge friends and family members an entrance fee and donate all the proceeds to a favorite charity. Inform guests on the invitation that the gathering will help raise funds for charity. More than likely, they’ll be happy to donate more than the entrance fee.

Participate in Community Fundraising Contests or Games.

Some charity organizations host games or contests to raise money while also hosting a fun event in the community. Laugh it up with three-legged races, shopping cart races, or another fun contest while contributing toward a good cause with the entrance fee.

Hold a Garage Sale and Donate the Profits.

Everyone has junk lying around the house, collecting dust. Get rid of this junk and donate the profits to a local charity. This is a terrific way to tidy up the house and give back without worrying about the budget.

Get the Whole Family Involved.

Enlist a partner or spouse and the kids in the fundraising effort to turn the occasion into a family tradition. Work at a soup kitchen together; participate in a family 5K or free throw contest.

One Good Turn

One good turn deserves another, and once an individual learns how easy it is to get involved with the community without breaking the bank, they’ll be likely to continue volunteering. To start getting involved, a family or individual can contact local or nationwide charity organizations in search of local chapters. Local churches and social services organizations can also provide information and options for giving back to the community.

Anyone who’s interesting in volunteering regularly should take the time to find an organization that taps into their interests, skills, and gifts.

But the inability to volunteer regularly shouldn’t stop people from giving back to the community when they can. Even once a year can make a difference in the lives of other community members.

Mary Ylisela is a writer, author and coach who writes about business topics and people, such as Steve Wynn, while also giving back to the community on a frequent basis.

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  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Use your entrepreneurial skills to make a difference!!

  • cesar romero

    it should be part of everyone’s schedule to take some time and give back to the community; small things like helping old lady cross the street, buying food for a homeless person, sharing your knowledge with someone who is struggling in that particular field, introducing two people that you think will benefit from the connection, sponsoring a kid in a 3rd world country….I could keep on, but the most important thing you can donate is not money, but your time!!!

  • http://www.stevievu.com/ Stevie Vu

    Based on a documentary on happiness called, “Happy”, they did research and discovered that those who focus on, personal growth, developing relationships and helping others made individuals happy. Much happier than those who are extrinsically motivated. With that in mind Not-for-Profits by the nature of their meaningful work can provide an avenue for these intrinsic goals to be realized. People are looking for a way to fulfill these needs and Not-for-Profits are uniquely position to provide this

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