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Who were you before you were told you who you should be?

In this week’s podcast, I talk to my good friend and mentor Michael Jacobs about an internal journey very few people take.

It is a journey that asks some tough questions, but leads to realizations about ourselves, what we truly believe in and what our truth is.

Michael is an author, artist, and founder of Jedi Jewelry. He’s on a mission to help people discover their “heroes journey”, step into new paradigms and find their true selves so they can make the greatest impact on the planet.

We’re diving inward on this podcast.  We’ll show you how to observe thoughts, notice emotions and ultimately make better decisions led by intuition instead of societal norms.

You’ll even gain some insight into how Michael has personally mentored me and helped create massive change in my personal life.

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“I believe there is a part of ourselves that has been covered up by conditioning.”

“What do I believe, before anyone told me any of this?”

“That’s when you step into your greatest power.”

“Noticing your emotions is key.”

“Each scenario and each individual that comes into your reality is a reflection. They are you in some way, shape or form.”

“If I have a fear of expressing my truth, then it’s a place where I’m not truly believing it.”

“Sometimes the mind tricks the heart.”

“Sometimes we allow the mind to lead and the heart to follow.”

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Michael Jacobs

Jedi Jewelry


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