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Creating Her Dream Job: Brittany K Earls of Genesis Magazine

| July 12, 2010 | 16 Comments

Brittany K Earls

Today we had the chance to catch up with Brittany K Earls the 23 year old founder of Genesis Magazine. In only 15months she grew the magazine to almost 40,000 print subscribers from 18 states. The magazine is making money through a traditional advertising model and we were able to hear Brittany’s thoughts on the advertising and print industry.

As Brittany said she could not get the job she wanted working for a magazine so she took charge and created her own dream job! Read the interview below to find out more about how she started and where Genesis is going…

Where did you get the idea to start Genesis Magazine?

The thought of Genesis Magazine came from my love of thoughtful journalism. I have never cared about celebrity gossip; however, I was always interested in people who start their own companies, create wealth, have a new talent, new book, or broke barriers and achieved success. So, I created a magazine to cover the above interests and more.

What is your background before Genesis Magazine? Career path? Goals?

Before Genesis Magazine I was fresh out of college and starving for a job in my field. I was a server at a restaurant and a bank teller when I started my business. I also worked other corporate jobs before that I was not passionate about. My dream job was to be a creative writer for a great magazine company! However, I was constantly told by HR reps that they could not even arrange an interview with someone with less than 5 years experience. So, since I could not find my dream job i decided to create one!

Who do you admire in the business world and why?

I really admire Angela Jia Kim, founder of She is a powerful woman of influence and the perfect example of how to be strong, effective, friendly, and encouraging to others in business.

Why did you choose to have a print version compared to just having an online version?

It would be much easier and cheaper to have an on line version! However, although we are in a digital world these days, advertisers really value print media. They see more value in their advertising dollar when their ad can be physically touched. Also, most people being featured in our magazine have never been in a magazine before and a print issue is a great keepsake!

I’m sure you know the discussion around the print industry lately and also advertising and how so much of it is headed on line or fading all together. What is your take on this debate and how is Genesis staying ahead of the curve?

This is definitely a difficult industry. I think what makes Genesis Magazine a step above the rest is our quality content. When magazines are full of bad news, scandal, or celebrity to gossip, the reader is not attached to the content. The reader may view such media online but as most of us are careful with our money these days, readers would prefer not to pay or subscribe to that type of media. However, we produce tangible media that readers can be a part of and when YOU are the celebrity we feature, of course you and your family want to buy our magazine. As for advertising, our rates our 75% cheaper than any other print magazine or newspaper. Recession or no recession, businesses must advertise to stay alive and thrive, we help them do that for less and it really gives us an edge in this industry.

How do you market Genesis Magazine each time you launch in a new city?

So far we have only launched offices in Atlanta, GA and New York, NY. For those cities we had launch parties and business expos where we encouraged the community to plug in by getting vendor tables or simply networking. Our marketing is 90% digital, we send out email blasts to hundreds of thousands of people, and subscribe to plenty of press release distribution services. We also have subscribers in 18 additional states and overseas in Greece and Australia. That audience has increased mostly from word of mouth from our faithful readers.

What is the best part about running your own company? The Worst?

The best part is controlling my day. I decide when and how I work. I can go in the office, work from Starbucks, or in my jammies at home. I decide when I go to lunch, when I go on vacation, and when I want a raise. This is entrepreneurship at its finest. The worst part is the pressure and responsibility I feel everyday. We are a small staff and I wear a lot of hats. As the owner, if a client is unhappy I have to make then happy, when supplies run out I have to buy more, and as the owner I am 100% mentally invested in this company. When you work for someone else you clock out everyday, it’s over. I never clock out. I am always answering my phone, responding to emails, prospecting new clients, and brainstorming ideas etc. A large part of my personal life is sacrificed for this business and I am ok with that because I am setting Genesis Magazine up for success and it will one day (soon) take care of me.

Where do you see yourself in 5years?

In 5 years Genesis Magazine will be a household name and we would have successfully launched Genesis Magazine Espanol. We will have more team members and I will be working less and spending much more time on my personal life, preparing to start a family of my own. I also plan to get my Master’s and Doctorate degree in Editing and Creative Writing at NYU.

Where can people find you or Genesis magazine on line?

Visit us at

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  • Rob

    Awesome story. Congrats Brittany! Really inspiring to see someone make their own career, especially with a traditional print type magazine, that's amazing to me. I know what you mean about wearing a lot of hats, if you ever need help with the “tech hat” I'd be glad to help!

  • William Lee

    Brittany, the story and success of Genesis Magazine was great. Keep motivating, inspiring and uplifting individuals into their creative thinking and their destiny. You are Destined for Greatness.

    William Lee

  • Editor

    Thanks for the support and tweets everyone!

    Brittany K Earls

  • GaPeach

    YAYAYAYA!!!! Go Genesis Mag.!

  • Mcmilljd

    Great story! Congratulations on your success.You should bring Genesis Magazine to Raleigh-Durham.

  • The Big Wig

    Congratulations on your success! Yo Go SISTA! Check us out at

  • LaNorma

    Congratulations and much success from a fellow Savor the Sucess sister!

  • Norma Serrano

    You are a Star!. I could never imagine doing what you do at 22, when I was fresh out of College. Congratulations and much success to Genesis. Can't wait for Genesis Espanol. Si se puede. Yes we can!
    Norma Serrano, Wine Consultant

  • Haleema Arana

    Congratulations on your early success with Genesis Magazine Brittnay. The way things are looking you are destined for many more great things to come! I'll be subcribing soon. Haleema

  • Jared O'Toole

    Great stuff Brittany! Looks like you have a lot of fans that love Genesis great to see!

  • Elisabete

    What a wonderful idea and story!! Very inspiring! Congratulations!!!!

  • Nicky Munganga

    A good luck from France!


    Great article – I wish your magazine nothing but success and will be bookmarking your site.

  • Victoria Koo

    Hi Lady of action,
    I heart your gungho-ness and courage to follow your heart! May you prosper in everything you are trying to achieve!
    Just to share with you a TED vid which talks about the WHYs rather than the HOWs that captures the aspirations of people (like yourself) –
    Have fun!

  • Bornscorpion

    Best of luck in the future Miss Brittany! Your story is very encouraging to me. I stumbled across this article looking for sound advice as I am an aspiring entrepreneur in the publishing industry as well. I am new to this and I times I feel discouraged but I refuse to give up becomes dreams do come true…just look at you! God bless.